Hand quilting is alive and well all around the world! Join with fellow hand quilters to share techniques, tips,
and the BEAUTIFUL quilts being made by others who share your passion for quilting... by HAND!

Our Writers/Quilters

Françoise Lietaert

I'm a mom of three (14-16-21) and married to the same man for 34 years, but most of all I'm a quilter, living in Belgium where quilts aren't really part of history.
I love traditional and antique quilts and modern interpretations of them. I'm not such a huge fan of really modern or art quilts, although sometimes they have good ideas.
Also I prefer by far hand over machine and a 'job' well-done (I try) over speed. My favourite parts are designing and appliqué. 

Carla TherrienArkansas USA

I am a wife, mother and  grandmother. My husband and I will be celebrating thirty five years of marriage next month.  I was raised on a farm in Northeastern Illinois. As a child, my mom  taught me how to knit, crochet, and embroider.  I guess that is where I learned my appreciation for hand made items.  I have always loved antique quilts, but never had the funds to collect them, so I started my dream of one day making my own.  Several years ago, I visited my first quilt shop and I  caught the quilting bug. I am totally self taught, and love to machine piece, hand quilt, and needleturn applique.  I must admit my intentions were to learn how to machine quilt, but I found it too difficult and opted for doing it by hand, which I consider the easy way.  I love everything about hand quilting, most of all the therapeutic qualities.  I only have one regret, that is, that I didn't start quilting sooner.  I am making up for lost time, however, I quilt everyday and enjoy blogging about quilting.  In the summer months, I spend alot of time in my vegetable and flower garden. I consider myself so lucky to enjoy the simple things in life, along with our dog Max, who is always by my side.  

Janet Treen, Australia

My background is in dentistry. I worked as a childrens' Dental Therapist and as a team co-ordinator in New Zealand where I was born and bred. I moved to Australia twelve years ago to marry my second husband. I have two children, four grandchildren, four step children and five step grandchildren.

I've been sewing, knitting and doing embroidery since I was a child but when I discovered quilts after going to a local show in 1992, I was determined to learn how to do that.Unfortunately, I could only enroll in a night class which didn't teach the basics, so I joined the local guild. I think I took every book out of the library to try and teach myself the techniques. I would have walked on broken glass to learn how to quilt.

It took me two quilts to teach myself to hand quilt and it remains a love of mine along with applique. I do occasionally machine quilt as well.  Since moving to Australia, I've changed the type of quilts I now make. I seem to have two styles, colorful and fun, and very traditional quilts.

My goal is to leave behind quilts that say this person had a joy and a passion and this is what she loved to do.

Haley Ping, Texas Hill Country

My first quilt was a hand tied doll quilt I made from a kit for a doll I had when I was 10 or 12. Until 2007, I hadn't ever actually quilted when my youngest sister requested a lap sized quilt. I've always liked the hand quilted look so I didn't even consider having it machine quilted. Diving in without much experience or guidance, I pieced the top quickly and started the hand quilting that wasn't finished until last September (it was an abandoned UFO for awhile). 
I didn't know much about quilting but asked "Google" for answers, inquired at my LQS, and checked out books from the library for instructions. In the middle of quilting the blanket, I decided to make a hand appliqued and hand quilted wall hanging inspired by my pets. It was so quick and fun I went back to quilting the blanket and decided I very much enjoyed the process so began plans for a couple more quilts. I'm working on piecing two quilts at the moment; one is with reproduction fabrics for no one in particular, and the other is for our 6 year old son my husband and I are in the process of adopting.  I'm looking forward to the hand quilting part, I'm not sure but I may prefer it over piecing...

Ann-Mari Duffy, Norway

I live just outside the town of Trondheim. I have an MD in occupational therapy, working in health services with people that have mental and/or drug problems. I am a single mum to two children.

I grew up with a Granny and Mum that both sewed, knitted and crocheted. I have learned a lot from these two incredible women. I am the first and only quilter in my family.

It started with me finding American quilting magazines at the news agent, and getting fascinated by photos of antique quilts. In 1994, I took part in a beginner'ss class for patchwork. I have learned most of my skills from books and magazines, both Norwegian and American.  

I started with a strong influence from Debbie Mum's quilts and fabrics, and am now a dedicated fan of antique/reproduction quilts and fabrics. I love the whole process of quiltmaking, from finding patterns all the way through to the finished quilt. I prefer working by hand, but I also like my new sewing machine.
I am a member of the Norwegian Quilt Assosiation and I am chairwoman of a local quilt guild.

Pippa Moss, Woodbridge, Suffolk UK

Pippa has been quilting since she was a teenager in New Jersey. She now lives in Suffolk, England. Pippa used to be a university lecturer, but now works as a bookkeeper. She also teaches quilting at Quilters Haven nearby. Pippa has done most things quilt, but in recent years has concentrated on Wholecloth quilts and Hawaiian quilts. She collects antique Welsh and Durham quilts. She is a member of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles, and is currently the Treasurer for the British Quilt Study Group.

I am a stay-at-home mom with four busy kids, also taking care of the bookkeeping for my family’s construction business.  I got bored with sewing my own clothes and/or picking up scattered cross-stitch stuff from all over the room and started quilting back in 1995.  At first I made very basic baby quilts, then moved on to a large rail fence quilt which I tied with yarn.  Although I am mostly self-taught, I joined up with a group of wanna-be-quilters like myself in 2000.  At those initial quilt meetings, we concurred that we loved the idea of quilting, could not afford to take classes and agreed to share any acquired information or knowledge, always challenging each other to do more, to get better, and mostly to be fearless about quilting.  I couldn’t ask for a better support group for the creatively challenged like me!  I moved to Central Oregon in 2002 and discovered my friends there were into hand quilting.  Each had a different skill level and used various methods,  but they pushed and prodded at me until I lost my intimidation with hand quilting and finally picked up a hoop.  When I moved back to Eastern Washington in 2004, our original group had shrunk to just a few die hard quilters.  They were incredulous that I, of all people, had fallen in love with something so time consuming as hand quilting. I find that it’s more about the process and not perfection that makes me happy and keeps me quilting.

Annemart Berendse, Netherlands

Annemart Berendse, hand quilter, hand piecer, hand appliquer, with an incidental machine quilt for a quilt that’s planned for rough use. Living in the Netherlands, where quilting is not a very common hobby, I am more than once accused of making kilts, Scottish skirts. I have a BSc in marketing, a MSc in communication and social studies, and added some PE in finance to that.

My MIL taught me in 2001 the basics of quilting. I was getting in hook, line and sinker in 2003 when I started my first hand quilting class with Ted Storm, a Dutch quilter with several major show blue ribbons. She is still my teacher and a friend, although I am developing my own techniques and style now. For me the tranquillity and the fun in hand quilting is the most important part. While working a very demanding job at university as a department manager on 130 scientists, I meditate while hand quilting, give my mind a rest by focusing on the movement of my hand and the regularity of the stitches. The fun comes at a peek with my trips to the major quilt shows in the US (once a year at least), my quilt bee and my online and real life quilt friends.

Karen Goad, Arkansas 

My interest in quilting began years ago – although I didn’t grow up with a quilter in the family.  I started to notice quilts about 40 years ago and thought I could learn how to do this.  I got hooked in the late 1980’s and really got into it.  Hand quilting is my love as is hand piecing and needle turn appliqué although I also do machine piecing.  On a personal side - I have been married to the same guy for 40 years this coming summer - we have two daughters that are both married and our youngest daughter has supplied us with two grandchildren J.  

My husband Mike and I like to travel in our small motorhome and we have seen a lot of the United States on our trips.   I bring hand piecing or hand appliqué projects along with me to work on and I get done with quite a bit on these trips.  

I still to this day have never taken a quilting class, I am self taught – I have lost track of how many quilts I have made over the years but I would say over 100.  I grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin near Green Bay, my family moved to Arkansas in 1971 and when Mike got out of the US Navy we decided to move to Arkansas also as that is where a job was waiting Mike and of course to be near family. We have lived in Arkansas for the last 31 years.  

Tim Latimer, Michigan 
Creativity has always been a part of my life.  My favorite Christmas gifts as a child were crayons, paper and paint. Even at 5 years old I had to rearrange the crayons according to the color wheel.  Ever since I have been exploring various avenues of creative expression.  I draw, paint, and sculpt and in 2006 found quilting, which has become my main creative outlet.  My mother was/is an excellent seamstress so I have always known how to sew; quilting has allowed me to use those skills and add my own perspective. I have always been a gardener and graduated from Michigan State University in 1984 with a B.S. in Horticulture and currently teach floral design classes for the university as well as the Michigan Floral Association.  I am a Certified Florist and serve on the certification committee.  I contributed to the certification manual and write the exams for certification testing.  I continue to be very involved in horticulture, both in my own home garden and in work for a variety of others.

Like Tim, I also have a background in the flower business, as my father owned a flower shop when I was growing up.  I graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S. in Elementary Education, and later earned a M.A. and Ed.S. from Eastern Michigan University. I have been quilting since the mid 1970's and am the author of America's Pictorial Quilts (AQS) and Contemporary Quilts from Traditional Designs (E.P. Dutton).  In the 1980's I traveled the quilt show circuit teaching at Houston, Paducah, Albuquerque, all four corners of the United States and in between.  My day job now supports my quilting addiction, and I do much less traveling. I enjoy writing and blogging and spending time with my family (hubby, 2 sons,2 great daughter-in-laws, and 3 grand children at last count).