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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Modern Makeover Hand Quilting

Hello quilty folks out there in Blogland.

My Modern Makeover progress on my Good Earth Quilting Blog is going well and I'm enjoying it, even though my right hand has gone on strike for more pay and massage after starting hand quilting!

I started this wee quilt as a lap quilt using the theroy of negative space referred to in many Modern Blogger's posts. But I'm sorry, I just didn't get negative space and hand appliqued three leftover Hexie Flowers from previous projects. 

BUT as soon as I did that I really hated it and into the UFO bin it went. 

Then as part of my post on the multitudes of UFO's I admitted to this one became a real thorn in my side. I took it out and tacked it up in my studio, just so I got yell at it and lament on the Hexie mistake to the walls that never talk back, right?

But then this version left me feeling like it was destined for a serious haircut!

I became discouraged and put it aside again, while I persavered with other projects like my Pretty Petals that did get finished, but not hand quilted unfortunately.

Several months passed by and then it hit me like a thunder bolt, "CUT IT UP" came to my thinking and I was into it again like a dirty shirt!

Yes. I actually cut the bottom and top off and then the fun began. My oh my, its very freeing of your spirit and mind to just get on with it when nothing else seems to be the right fit.

I knew I was on the right track when this showed up on my design wall.

Now, many more months down the road, its all together and hand quilting has begun and its so nice to be here. Finally, I once had a quilt that took me 12 years to get it down and I called it "Canadian Birds Quilt" 

I'm taking my time with this one because my hands are a little rusty for hand quilting and they need time to adjust to this kind of hand stitching/

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Happy Quilting!

Beginning Quilters: Let's Get You Started!

Have you thought about learning how to hand quilt?  Perhaps you've seen beautiful antique quilts... or quilts which are brand new and made by loving hands... And just maybe you've said to yourself, "I sure would love to learn how to do that, but I don't know where to begin."

You are not alone!  There are so many people who would love to start HAND quilting but don't know where to begin.  It's nice to take a class for beginning quilters, but sometimes it can be difficult to find such a class.  There are also many places online where you can learn how to quilt, including lots of YouTube videos! Here are a few good sites to try:

In addition to the links listed above, there is a large group of hand quilters on Facebook that you should consider joining.  This group of ladies and gentlemen (YES, men quilt, too!) is the most friendly bunch you could hope to meet.  They will answer questions, provide guidance, share what they know, and so much more!  If you haven't joined the Celebrate Hand Quilting Facebook group yet, please do so now!  

Posted by Caron Mosey