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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Spread the Love of Hand Quilting

 By Caron Mosey

  As people who are committed to hand quilting, I know we all cringe when we hear non-hand quilters say that “nobody hand quilts anymore.”  We know it just isn’t true!  So what do we do about it?

There is a LOT we can do – and some of it we are already doing!

·        We have the Celebrate Hand Quilting blog at  and we welcome writers to join us! (Contact Caron if you are interested by leaving a comment below or by sending her an email at caron mosey at gmail dot com).

·        We have the Celebrate Hand Quilting Facebook Group online at .  You can encourage hand quilters to join our group, or you can invite them yourself right on the group page!  Enter their email address in the top right area of the page, and they will receive an invitation to connect with other hand quilters!

·        You can teach hand quilting to one new person… or more than one person!  How about teaching a child?  Or an adult?  

·        Offer to teach a small group of children and their parent(s) how to quilt as part of a home schooling effort.  Often, quilting involves math.  Combining stitching with math will encourage both skills, and parents will love you for it!  A good basic starting pattern could be the easy Nine Patch Hand Piecing Adventure!

·        Do you take your stitching out in public with you? 
If you know you will have to sit and wait for something (the doctor, kids at sports practice, etc.) put a few sewing tools and bits of a project into a small tote or a ziplock bag, and take it with you!  Sit in public and stitch… and watch people be amazed that you’re quilting!

·   If you have a front porch that catches peoples eye, try sitting out front in beautiful weather and hand quilt. It won’t be long before you will be known as the “porch quilter” and people will be talking! GOOD!

·        Are you in non-hand quilting groups on Facebook or any other social media?  Toss a question out to those groups.  Ask something like, “Hey – am I the only hand quilter in this group?  Anybody else hand quilt?  Send me a message and let me know if you quilt!”  Then start up a conversation with them.  You might just make a great new friend!

·        Wear something that tells people you are a hand quilter.  It could be a necklace with a thimble charm on it, a tote bag that is hand quilted, or a shirt that says “Celebrate Hand Quilting" on it. 

Alright, it’s YOUR turn!  What else can we do to spread the love of hand quilting?  Leave a comment below this blog article (not on Facebook, please) so that others can read it.  When you’re done writing your comment, go make something quilty!  


  1. I have made several small hand quilted projects and I have quilted in public lots of times. It is a great conversation starter! I have a quilting pin that I often wear and it often gets people asking quilting questions too. Happy quilting to you!

  2. I love handquilting and it does not matter if I can quilt in a frame or just in my lap. Handquilting in a frame I have done a few time at fairs and it is amazing how many women have asked me questions about it. They are all interested and hopefully I was able to get them started.

  3. I had to chuckle as the front porch IS where I do my handquilting 3 seasons of the year whenever I can :)

    1. Oh,Lucky you! I would Love to have a front or back or side porch!!.Enjoy


  4. Such good suggestions. Even tho' I've ventured into machine quilting, I always have a quilt on the hoop!

  5. I work in a nursing home and I have seen several daughters sit and hand piece blocks or quilt a small piece, while sitting with their parent. Of course, I'm always drawn to those people. :)

  6. I hand quilt and piece too. I machine piece but, I do always have some hand piecing in every top and back. I don't do tiny stitches, I've nearly always done big stitch quilting for over 30 or more years. My youngest grandaughter and one of her friends are learning how to hand stitch. I think they're hooked. 😊It's really neat and they are so proud

  7. LOL, I've had a quilt in a hoop for 28 years and have not given up. I take a few stitches every other day. 3/4ths done! Taking hand piecing to meetings and such I find people are very interested and come over and ask questions, especially when I'm working on my hexagons. Thanks for coming by Applique Tuesday.

  8. I always have a "portable projet" with me and have hooked a lot of our guild members into doing hand work. We who have busy lives have to have a way of using our time, I always have people stopping and tlak to me to ask what I am doing etc. doing hand work in public is a great way of spreading your passion. :)

  9. Took out my hexagon paper piecing in pupblic the other day and someone said: "What on EARTH are you doing". Knitting and crocheting is very trendy here in Norway, but I have never seen anyone hand sewing. Pam

  10. Handquilten ist wunderschön , ich liebe den Anblick . Leider kann ich es nicht , ich kann es nicht . Ich bringe die Geduld nicht auf .

  11. Currently hand quilting freehand Baptist Fans on my version of Bonnie Hunter's Split 9 Patch.

  12. I would love to have a porch like that. Very cute! I guess I'll have to stick to my back deck for now.

  13. I am a hand quilter but also I hand piece most of my quilts. Only if needed in a hurry do I machine piece, I am going to try to hand piece and hand quilt my bed quilt which I am starting soon. Do others hand piece as well.

  14. I live in the land of "Hurry up and Wait" so I always carry two things ... a book, if I have to stand, and piecing if I can sit. I stitch in long meetings. It is better than taking notes because I can remember what was discussed just looking at the finished piece. It often means I am asked to "share" a bit of talent by someone who needs mending ... but whatever talent I may have is a gift to be shared if it helps others. It's a "win" all around.


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