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Friday, October 10, 2014

Hand Quilting as meditation

-by Annemart Berendse

Sometimes the world is too busy.

Sometimes your kids are calling, housework needs to be done, bills to be paid, job to do, spouse to support, family needs care, sports to do, being the kid's cabdriver, the home cook, the house servant and carrying the world on your shoulders. The whole world is going crazy.

Take time.

Take a breath.

Grab your needle and make a few stitches.

Just 5 minutes.

Give yourself that present.

Just a few stitches, nothing big.

You noticed? The world is not calmer. You are.

Have fun quilting,

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Back To Hand Quilting

By: Karen Goad, Quilts… etc

On August 3rd my husband and I left Arkansas in our small motorhome to head to the Rocky Mountains – we were to be gone for 2 months which is what we did – we arrived back home on September 30th and had a great time. We saw many wild animals, camped in beautiful places and saw many beautiful waterfalls, lakes, and mountains that are meant to be seen to be appreciated.  Once you see the mountains you always want to see them again.  Being away also meant I was leaving my hand quilting at home and take time off from it.  I did take some hand piecing with me but because of arthritis in my thumb I really didn’t get all that much done.  That was ok though as I did need a break from it.

It really is ok to take a break from hand quilting – I was asked by several quilters  did I not miss quilting and yes I did.  But the break was what I needed.  I still have trouble with my thumb and it will be a chronic condition.  I will still hand quilt, I will just not sit for hours at it any more.  Shorter spells at the quilting frame (or hoop) is good for you believe it or not – getting up and moving around does the body good.  I will be working by machine more than I used to but hand work is still my love and I will not give it up until I absolutely have to.

Since I have been home for not even a week – this is what has been accomplished at the quilting frame on my Dear Jane – Insanity Revisited.



Sometimes I quilt in the name of the person getting the quilt – in this case I have already quilted in my daughter’s name Jessica in an earlier part of the quilt – she has told me that she will be handing the quilt off to her daughter Ciera one day so Ciera’s name is also in the quilt.




I like to quilt each block differently to go with the design of the block/triangle.  I am using a variegated thread that is a light red/cream color to go with the colors of the quilt.  This Dear Jane is slightly more than half way finished now – I hope to be done by the end of the year but I guess we need to see how the thumb does along the way – I use my thumb a lot when quilting at the frame with my paddle thimble as I can quilt in different directions without twisting my body up.

I hope all the readers of this blog are still hand quilting – I know we haven’t had much activity this summer – maybe that will change now that the cooler weather is coming for some of us?