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Thursday, July 17, 2014

From Beginning to End... Oh My Stars! What a fun finish!

It all really started in April this year... a bucket list quilt moved up the proverbial ladder...
Jenny Doan (of Missouri Star Quilt Company fame and youtube video for fun piecing ideas) came to my LQS :)  Yippee!  So inspired by her visit I bought her tumbler template...
on sale during her visit and got her signature on my copy of Love of Quilting she was recently featured in..
and gathered my fabrics..
This isn't quite all of it but this is all my readers saw initially... :)

And ended up with this in just a few hours time..
Borders... did I want them?  I decided I did.. so to my stash I went and look what I found!
 And in the end.. a flimsy was born!
I love the mitered corners and youtube had great vids to help me achieve it with little problems at all!

Next to decide on my quilting DESIGN... and thread color... or colors in my case..

Here is the design I started with...
 And my flimsy was pinned based on this design...
 Notice when pin basting I tried to avoid areas that would have lots of quilting in them yet still give plenty of stability for moving it around as I don't use a hoop or frame.  So place your basting pins ( I use size 2 quilters safety pins because they are stainless steel and bent.. easier to insert and remove) about ever 4" to 5" all over your sandwiched quilt top.  No need to pin the excess surrounding your flimsy.

I like quilts to tell me what they want too... I like to design my quilt patterns intuitively usually... so first I stitched in all the ditches to solidify the stripes and section off the blue for the quilting plan for it!  So excited about the blue section.. it is what gave this quilt it's name!
 See... here are 50 silver buttons I painted for use on this quilt.  50 US states so I took model paint in shiny silver and painted my buttons...

I loved recycling this darling container to hold them until I was ready for them.  :)

The piecing took me just a couple days...
The pin basting took part of a day
Quilting this beauty took about a month of interrupted (ha!) quilting... so hard to say!  But I enjoyed the journey all the way to the end!

Let me present to you my finished wall hanging...  "Oh My Stars"...

We hung it in our foyer (entry way) and love the spice it adds.. 

Final measurements are 46" wide by 36" tall.. We used some yardsticks to hang it if you can see in this pic :)

For this project I used Aurifil thread for piecing and 28 wt. hand quilting thread by Aurifil in patriotic red, white and blue according to the section I was working on.  Aurifil even featured Oh My Stars on their facebook page!  Yippee :)
I used wool batting ~ Hobb's Tuscany wool and I would use it again for the loft it gives and it doesn't shrink much at all!... But it is scratchy on the edges and overall I will be happy to get back to good old cotton batting! ha :)
All quilting designs were from my imagination and some were with the help of homemade and store bought stencils...

This wall hanging was meant to be a stress relieving fun project for me... after several longer term projects.. it definitely served that purpose.. and I love looking at it several times a day.. amazed that I made that! lol

Hope you enjoyed this post!  Come visit my blog if you are interested in more of what we are up to.. I have started a new project I will announce on my blog on Friday :)  Check out where you can find me in my signature below.

Have a blessed day and do some stitching by hand today!  Everyone needs a little zen time in their life! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Quilt me Red

By Rose Marie Castonguay

Applique 'n Patch Quilting

This is the first time that I am using red quilting thread (other than my usual white, cream and beige) for a project and I have to say that it looks quite nice.
This small wall hanging is a test as there are a couple of queen size quilts that will have red thread on them and I just wanted to see first how the overall look turns out.  So, I will continue with the red thread and enjoy the process.

One thing I should have done later .... is sewn on the buttons.  I forgot and they were sewn on first before hand quilting and while it is a bit tricky to get around the buttons, it is turning out OK.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses

By: Karen at Quilts… etc
I finished this quilt last month or so and never got around to posting it.  I had posted on the celebrate hand quilting facebook page but not here on the blog.
Patchwork of the Crosses or referred to as most by POTC was an Inklingo project for me – if you have not heard of Inklingo you should check it out at the top of that page are numerous categories that explain it all – let me just shorten it by saying for POTC instead of English Paper Piecing I hand pieced this quilt with templates that I printed directly onto fabric.  Here is my box back at the beginning of the project. (let me add that if you want to EPP that is your choice of course it just isn’t for me – with Inklingo you can print your templates to stiff paper and EPP or you can machine stitch part of it if you wish and do some by hand – it is very versatile.) ( I should mention that I am a satisfied customer  - I get no compensation for mentioning Inklingo)
The quilt took me about a year of hand piecing while making various other quilts of course!  After I made about 6 blocks I contemplated only making a baby quilt but quilters quickly encouraged me to keep making it larger – I did – I would work on it a little here and a little there and it grew and grew.
I have a three piece tutorial on how to hand piece the blocks here.  It really is quite easy once you get going.  Block by block this quilt came together – I used scraps and a white background – here it is in progress laying on the floor.
By the end of 2012 I was piecing the blocks together with the connecting colors and it was growing and I was enjoying it.
In March of 2013 it was this big.
By August of 2013 I was working on a border – I put my own design on for a border not the one that was included in the book.
Here it is on the quilting frame at the beginning of 2014
Close up of how I quilted the blocks.
And here it is finished in May of 2014.  3,636 pieces of fabric! 300 hours hand piecing and 140 hours to hand quilt it.  Believe me I was very glad that I decided to expand it from a baby quilt to large quilt.  I will enjoy this one for years to come.  (the hours worked are estimated by checking time on 1 block and then multiplying by number of blocks, border was estimated)
To me with quilting I love taking my time, I love hand piecing and hand quilting – I do not believe in making a quilt in a weekend – no enjoyment in rushing it!