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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Maybe 7 more days?

By:  Rose Marie Castonguay
Applique 'n Patch Quilting

Well, I didn't finish the borders on my hexagon quilt after all.  My 10 days are up.  Am I disappointed?  Heck, yes .... but what a motivation that was for me to aim for.

For the remaining two borders, the hand quilting was done in stages.

I was getting bored and it wasn't moving fast enough for my liking.  The striped borders got done first by quilting-in-the-ditch on either side of the borders and then the two parallel lines got quilted.  Now, I'm doing the cable and the piano keys and it is going much faster.  I can see progress by the hour! 
A closer view:
On another border, the cable pattern got screwed up and I have to remark that pattern and then hand quilt the cable.

That is all that is left to do.

I'm so close to finishing, I can taste it!

So, maybe 7 more days (or less) and the hand quilting will be done, done, done.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

World Domination and Ch-ch-ch Changes

worldQuilters are going to take over the world!  You’d better watch out!  

Hand quilters, that is! 

Hand quilters have been at it for a very long time.  The art of hand quilting goes back hundreds of years.  In 1850, there were no long arm quilters to take your finished quilt top and turn it into a quilt.  It was you.  And you.  And you.  If you wanted your family to stay warm on cold winter nights, you made quilts for your family.  And you learned how to stitch them  by hand.  Back then, you probably quilted out of necessity, unless you were wealthy, of course.  Then you had someone else make your family quilts, and you did fancy needlework on your own because you had time on your hands to do so.

Hand quilters now stitch because they find it relaxing.  It gives them peace.  it provides an outlet for creativity, and, well, to put it simply, they quilt because they FEEL like it!  There is nothing wrong with hand quilting… yet the world seems to think hand quilting is dead and gone.  Quilt shop owners rarely carry supplies for hand quilters because hand quilters take longer to finish projects.  Long arm quilting is big business, and thousands of independent long arm businesses have sprouted up around the United States and all around the world.  They finish the tops others make, and the process of commerce goes on.   There is nothing at all wrong with long arm quilting… but it’s not for everyone. It is a PART of quilting.  Just one part.

Hand quilters are tired of being told they are a dying breed.  We have been alive and stitching, but now we are alive and KICKING!  The Celebrate Hand Quilting Facebook Group is now made up of over 4,400 members.  AWESOME!  We are growing by leaps and bounds, so much so that it is time that we had our own official domain.  This morning I purchased the domain name for this blog and for the hand quilting community.  NOTE: If you have this blog currently bookmarked or included in your blog reader, please make note of the new URL.  On Saturday, April 19th this blog will move over the  New features will gradually be added to the site, so please stay tuned!


How can you help spread the love of hand quilting? 

Are you wondering how you can help?

Here is a list to get you started:

  • Wherever you can, use the words “I am a hand quilter” or “hand quilters rule” or Celebrate Hand Quilting! This can be added into your email signature quite easily…( Caron Mosey, Hand Quilter).
  • If you read blogs online, take a little more time and reply to what you read. That lets the writer know that you are reading their blog, and gives you a chance to include “Your Name, hand quilter”
  • If you have a blog, write about hand quilting. If you have no idea what a blog is, or if you want to be a blogger but don’t know what to do to start, let me know. I can help get you started. Be sure to put a link to the Celebrate Hand Quilting blog and to our Facebook group on your own blog!
  • When you visit quilt shops, be sure and drop the words “hand quilter” and “hand quilting” a lot. Walk in the door and ask the first employee you see where their hand quilting supplies are. “Where are your templates for hand quilting designs?” Or, “ Where are your good thimbles for hand quilting?” Or, “I’m a hand quilter. Where is your hand quilting thread?”
  • Enter your quilts in shows and contests. Yes, I know, some of you are scared to death to do that. Start small and enter something in your state fair or local shows. You can rest assured that your quilt is better than the quilts of people who might have never picked up a needle!!!
  • Yes, put your best quilt in a contest. Start locally and enter it into a juried show. You want a few judges to see your work!!! That way, they will provide you feedback. (Make sure ahead of time that they will do this… some shows will, some won’t.) Judges responses are subjective, though. Know that going in. Do NOT be too critical of your work if they don’t like something. I  had one judge at Show A hate my quilt and pick it apart, and another judge at Show B love it and give it a blue ribbon! When you show your quilts, let people know on your blog, on Facebook, etc. Tell your friends! Invite them to the show!

The map below shows where our Facebook hand quilters are located.  You can see we are working our way around the world.  We’re not yet ready for world domination, but it is possible, soon…

map.Apr15.2014What other ideas do YOU have to help spread the love of hand quilting?  Please share in the comments below.  And stay tuned… more hand quilting is coming your way!


By Caron Mosey, hand quilter

Follow up on Hand Quilting & Festival

By: Karen Quilts…etc
After comments were left to Amy Ellis on her blog Amy’s Creative Side about not having a hand quilting category she thought things over and has opened the hand quilting category back up on the Quilt Festival next and added a challenge – she also joined the facebook page of Celebrate Hand Quilting which is a part of this blog.

Here is her challenge and this is quoted from facebook from Caron Mosey:

From Amy: "Alrighty Hand Quilters! You’ve made yourself heard, now I want to see how many quilts you will enter in the Festival! I’ve decided to add the Hand Quilting category back this time around, and challenge all of you to participate — so that your category can stick around for future Blogger’s Quilt Festivals!"
From Caron Mosey:  “ Thank you Amy, and now hand quilters, it's time for us all to step up to the plate and participate! Read about it at the link below.
Welcome, Amy!!! We are delighted to have you here, and hope you enjoy our wonderfully warm, creative, helpful and kind quilters! Pull up a chair, pour yourself a yummy beverage, and enjoy the beautiful eye candy!”

Coming Soon :: Blogger's Quilt Festival!
So keep an eye on Amy’s blog and enter a quilt next month she will have the rules there – it is simple you just do a blog post with a photo of your quilt and put a photo of your quilt on her blog – this is not a judged and juried show – it is a blog festival.  There are prizes.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hand Quilting

by Karen, Quilts…etc.

I posted this on my personal blog and I’m posting this too here – no photos – but I wanted to share this to all hand quilters who might be interested in this.

As a lot of you bloggers know Amy Ellis at Amy’s Creative Side has a quilt festival every year and it will be in about a month.  She just announced the categories this year and I was amazed to see that there is no hand quilting category this year!!!!  As  a hand quilter I am very surprised at this – I wrote her a comment and asked if this was overlooked and she got back to me and said    “No, sorry. It was one of the least requested categories, based on feedback from participants.”

I'm I the only one amazed by this oversight!  Are hand quilters such a rarity now that we no longer have a category in a quilt festival on line?  Maybe if we send her a note she will add this category back in?

Yes if we have a hand quilted quilt we can enter it into the applique category – or as a scrappy quilt – rainbow quilt – whatever – we just can’t enter it into the hand quilted category because there is none!!

It just doesn’t seem right.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Only 10 days ....

That is how long I figure the remaining two borders will take to be done.  They will be marked up this afternoon and then I can continue hand quilting.  When on a roll ..... stay on a roll.
Lately, my 17" square PVC frame is what is being used to do my borders and it works well for gripping the bottom piece of fabric that is pinned in place to anchor the side of the border.  Also, this little frame is easier to handle.  Before, I always swore that my wooden oval frame was the best, but I am finding that it is getting harder to handle as my reach is just not the same anymore.  They say the older one gets, they shrink in height.  Is that the same about arm length? 
I will be so anxious to have this quilt completed.  For me, it will be over a year since I have completed a quilt and this will be my motivation to get another one sandwiched and ready to go into the frame.

With the cold winter we have had this year and the thickness of ice still on the Great Lakes, the prediction for spring is to be cool for the next couple of months.  I think it would be wise of me to take advantage of the cooler weather and keep on quilting.

Rose Marie Castonguay
Applique 'n Patch Quilting