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Saturday, March 22, 2014

My favourite marking tool

by Andrea Stracke

Finding the perfect marking tool seems to be one of the biggest challenges for a hand quilter. Many different markers are available these days but they all have their advantages and disadvantages. The markings on a quilt top should be visible as long as necessary and when the quilting is finished we want the lines to be easy to remove.

I’ve tried many different markers before I finally found the perfect one for me – a darning needle. Here is mine (the measuring tape shows centimetre):

My favourite marking method is needle marking. I found a description of this technique several years ago in a book I still like a lot: “Traditional Quilting”, written by Mavis Fitzrandolph (B.T. Batsford Ltd, London, 1954). For executing the needle marking the needle is not held upright but at a sharp angle. The tip will be pressed against the layered quilt and leaves a fine crease line on the fabric when you guide the needle along a template or ruler. The markings last quite long and don’t rub off. It’s needless to remove them after the quilting has been finished because they are invisible under the stitched lines.

You can imagine that this marking method is most suitable for solid fabrics- and because I do wholecloth quilts it’s perfect for me!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thread storage idea :)

When you are hand quilting a large project... I am currently working on about a 4 month to quilt queen sized throw.  I don't multi task quilting projects much yet and can quilt pretty quickly when I am motivated :) HA!...

So.... that thread I quilt with gets dusty and can get dirty so I decided to put it in an empty pharmacy bottle I had :)  Yep!  Upside down!!! lol
And what all is in that bottle???

My thread and a needle threader too!

My very good friend gave me the cute needle threader and the Aurifil thread I am quilting with is kind of "flimsy" in nature even though it is 28/2 Mako cotton.

Do you have a fave brand of thread for hand quilting?  I love YLI 40/3 the best but the colors available are still limited... Aurifil seems to have the best color selection! 

Do you store your thread on current projects?  Or do you find you don't need to??

Hope you find this little hint on storing current thread useful!

Do you have a tip you use when slow stitching that you would like to share??? We would love to hear it!  Share in the comments below or to me directly!  I can share your pics here in a future post :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!