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Friday, October 10, 2014

Hand Quilting as meditation

-by Annemart Berendse

Sometimes the world is too busy.

Sometimes your kids are calling, housework needs to be done, bills to be paid, job to do, spouse to support, family needs care, sports to do, being the kid's cabdriver, the home cook, the house servant and carrying the world on your shoulders. The whole world is going crazy.

Take time.

Take a breath.

Grab your needle and make a few stitches.

Just 5 minutes.

Give yourself that present.

Just a few stitches, nothing big.

You noticed? The world is not calmer. You are.

Have fun quilting,


  1. Annamark,

    I agree with you. Hand quilting or any needlework does wonders for your health.

    Paulette Doerhoff

    1. Paulette, you're right, especially mental health!

  2. Stitching is easier than finding time for therapy. I can't say it's cheaper, if you know what I mean.

    1. hehe.... You know how many hours of therapy I would need if I wouldn't be quilting!!!!

  3. Needing those few moments of sanity is the reason I started quilting. Creating something beautiful and utilitarian is secondary.

  4. I agree whole heartedly hand stitching is so relaxing, I do live on my own so do not have the demands you have and am retired but still need to relax and stitching is my way to do it

  5. Love your post, and I agree! I needed it every day to keep me centered and sane!

  6. Je suis certaine de ceci. Merci pour votre écrit.
    Bonne semaine.

  7. You're so right about the calming quality of hand quilting!

  8. Beautiful post ...we are fortunate that we have a hoppy like this!

    Thanks you for your words of wisdom.


  9. You resumed my philosophy! Thank you, nice post!

  10. Have been a hand sewer my entire life. Went from making clothes to making quilts around 12 years ago and love it!!

  11. I agree there is nothing nicer than spending time stitching!


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