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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses

By: Karen at Quilts… etc
I finished this quilt last month or so and never got around to posting it.  I had posted on the celebrate hand quilting facebook page but not here on the blog.
Patchwork of the Crosses or referred to as most by POTC was an Inklingo project for me – if you have not heard of Inklingo you should check it out at the top of that page are numerous categories that explain it all – let me just shorten it by saying for POTC instead of English Paper Piecing I hand pieced this quilt with templates that I printed directly onto fabric.  Here is my box back at the beginning of the project. (let me add that if you want to EPP that is your choice of course it just isn’t for me – with Inklingo you can print your templates to stiff paper and EPP or you can machine stitch part of it if you wish and do some by hand – it is very versatile.) ( I should mention that I am a satisfied customer  - I get no compensation for mentioning Inklingo)
The quilt took me about a year of hand piecing while making various other quilts of course!  After I made about 6 blocks I contemplated only making a baby quilt but quilters quickly encouraged me to keep making it larger – I did – I would work on it a little here and a little there and it grew and grew.
I have a three piece tutorial on how to hand piece the blocks here.  It really is quite easy once you get going.  Block by block this quilt came together – I used scraps and a white background – here it is in progress laying on the floor.
By the end of 2012 I was piecing the blocks together with the connecting colors and it was growing and I was enjoying it.
In March of 2013 it was this big.
By August of 2013 I was working on a border – I put my own design on for a border not the one that was included in the book.
Here it is on the quilting frame at the beginning of 2014
Close up of how I quilted the blocks.
And here it is finished in May of 2014.  3,636 pieces of fabric! 300 hours hand piecing and 140 hours to hand quilt it.  Believe me I was very glad that I decided to expand it from a baby quilt to large quilt.  I will enjoy this one for years to come.  (the hours worked are estimated by checking time on 1 block and then multiplying by number of blocks, border was estimated)
To me with quilting I love taking my time, I love hand piecing and hand quilting – I do not believe in making a quilt in a weekend – no enjoyment in rushing it!


  1. Now you just ruined it for me..I thought you really kept time on all of your stuff and I thought "how amazing / how does she do that' ha ha

    Have loved watching you work on this quilt on your blog this past year :)

  2. You are an inspiration, Karen. I enjoyed every step of your progress on this beautiful quilt. You kept a lovely record of it. Congratulations!

  3. :) Deb on some quilts I do actually keep accurate time just for fun to see how long it takes, but when I have repeat blocks like this I will keep track of time for a block or two and then I know how long it takes. I do keep track of the quilting time accurately through.
    Thanks Linda - your Inlingo program is an inspiration to me and makes my hand piecing so much easier to do!

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! I am glad that you made it into a large quilt. I am working on a grandmother's flower garden and I think I will probably only make one in my lifetime, so queen size it is.

  5. really wonderful, I have recently bought a plastic template for doing this, have cut the card out and fabrics but will do a small piece first!

  6. This is stunning, I recently visited Lucy Boston's house in Cambridgeshire and am very tempted to make a POTC now.

  7. Gorgeous work, Karen! Those aqua sashing squares and the matching border really make it sing. LOVE the colours. And perfectly quilted, too! Congratulations. :D

  8. Just wonderful. All your work sure paid off. I have read about Inklingo but have not tried it yet.

  9. I wasn't following your blog when you were piecing your POTC, so it's interesting to be able to learn a little more of its history. It's absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Karen, I love having the whole history on a quilt.. you are very articulate with all that history too and made it very interesting to read about... I wasn't following your blog when you pieced it you see.. thanks for sharing the full details here ! Kathi

  11. It was wonderful to read the whole story from start to finish and see all the steps involved. I enjoyed following along with your hand quilting progress.
    Such an amazing treasure you have created!

  12. is there any way you could mail me this wonderful pattern? i dont have a printer and you have inspired me to make one of these as a charity quilt. i totally agree with you about hand piecing and hand quilting. to me, it is so relaxing and calming. thank you for sharing

  13. Congratulations on a job well done! I admire you for both hand piecing and hand quilting this one, it couldn't have been easy. I think for me it would have been very difficult staying with a project for so long, so hats of to you. Great work!

  14. Barb I sent you an email with links on where you can get paper pieces to make this same quilt seeing as you do not have a printer to print on fabric.

    I love sticking with long projects - but then I love hand piecing as well as hand quilting.
    Thanks for all the compliments

  15. Beautiful work Karen. Maybe one day I'll make this quilt!!! I've got the pattern. :-)

  16. This quilt is really amazing! Sil

  17. Oh this is so pretty! I've just recently become aware of this pattern and I'm in love!

  18. What an excellent post! You shared all the steps to make this spectacular quilt. These are the first POTCs I've seen this way and I love it. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Your quilt is stunning! I love your layout. And your borders. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would not have found your blog otherwise.


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