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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Two needles going at once!

Friday I started binding the quilt I am working on for my honey we call "The MAN quilt" :)  By Sunday I was slow stitching the binding down...

I was so excited to use the new labels I found on Etsy!  And the new Wonder Clips to hold my binding in place as I sew it down by hand:)  I had hair clips I used gifted to me by my quilting mentor but lost them... she gave me a gift card so I bought these and they work GREAT for lots of stuff!!!

Look how good this corner turned out too!
But for this quilt... my first to stitch more on AFTER it is bound... I have a bit more quilting to go...

You see I decided to stabilize all the fancy swirls by doing ITD (in the ditch) stitching on either side of all the feathers and cornerstones... So I am using 2 needles... one on either side... like this :)
And heading back down another feathery path is where I am today...
Have you ever quilted using more than 1 needle at a time?  Would love your feedback on this... I am loving how it is going so fast and easy and fun to race the needles ;)

I am using a John James #8 Quilting needle and Aurifil thread for this project... and my fave batting is Pellon Cotton you can find at JoAnns and I have seen it online too... but is is so nice to quilt and bind through!  No peeking through to the front on my binding! lol

Have a blessed rest of your week and thanks for reading!  Would love a comment on how you like to quilt straight lines :)


  1. I love running two or more needles at the same time. And then threading them all at the same time. It seems that I make progress faster, although perhaps it is psychological! LOL

  2. I agree... does seem faster.. may be psychological .. but it makes it fun too! Kathi

  3. I never thought of it! I sometimes allow thread tails to "hang" while I go back to quilt with another length of thread. Right now I'm working on a double feathered border. I'm looking forward to using two needles and not having to move the hoop as often. Great idea....thank you!

  4. I like to have as many going on the border as I need so I don't need to move my chair so often. I have a compact quilting frame, so am constantly moving along side of it. So the multi-needles save time!

  5. I use multiple needles all the time. I have had as many as ten or twelve going at one time. It saves a lot of time. I always thread up a whole package of needles before I sit down to quilt.


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