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Thursday, May 1, 2014

In the hoop now.

By Ann-Mari Duffy


 and back

This is a design of Jo Morton. She made her quilt in black and tan colours.
The top is made by machine, I am now handquilting it. I use wool batting in it. It is pure joy to quilt with.
The plan is to have it done well before august this year. Jo Morton is coming to Norway in september to do some classes at "Norsk Quiltefestival" ( Norwegian Quilt Festival). I am attending one of her classes there, and are bringing this quilt.

Happy Quilting


  1. What a gorgeous quilt! And how lucky you are to be able to attend one of Jo Morton's classes!

  2. I keep hearing so many love wool batting I must try it sometime even though it cost more

  3. What brand of wool batting do you use & and who is your source? One more question, have you ever used the silk (I think it's a blend) batting?
    Your work is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Pretty quilt and quilting design. It looks like it will go quickly. Yes, wool batting is easy to hand stitch.

  5. After hand quilting only 5 double bed quilts, and 5 baby quilts, I consider myself still a novice. I have ever only been able to quilt with the quilt loose, on my lap. I bought a large hoop to try, hoping that it would help me make my stitches more tiny and uniform, but I just can't seem to make it work! What is the trick? How does one quilt using a frame or a hoop?
    Still practicing!

    1. HI Jo, I use a circular hand made oak hoop that rotates and swivels. I used to quilt in my lap without anything and since I've begun to use this I am happier with my work. Give it a go :)

  6. Beautiful on all accounts--I love the blue and white pattern and the quilting looks perfect!

  7. I love wool also! It is a dream to quilt. Your quilt is so gorgeous, love what your doing with the quilting. Maybe you could have Jo sign the label!

  8. Love your quilt! and the quilting is fantastic! Jo will love it I am sure! I will be quilting my first wool batting soon. Thanks for the update on how wonderful it is. I am hand quilting a king so now you know why I am happy it is great to quilt with.

  9. Your quilt is beautiful! I have been quilting since the 70's but never used wool. Do you have to worry about moths?


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