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Thursday, May 22, 2014

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By Judy Leckie  

While having breakfast yesterday I was checking my emails and found a PayPal invoice. I paid  it and that  means that the Lilian Hedley Traditional NorthCountry quilting designs books will be on their way soon. Immediately I felt some excitement knowing that the books, very shortly will be on their way.

Around lunch time I opened  the front door to go to the shops and found two parcels on the doorstep. The previous day I had ordered some  solid blue Emma Louise fabric and some 100% wool wadding/ batting from a new source. The Emma. Louise comes from an online shop just a few suburbs away and what I spend on  the postage I save on her prices, so it's well worthwhile.

The batting came from a new source I've just discovered. It's a farm about 100 Ks from Melbourne. It was only $2 extra to have it express delivered.

So both parcels had arrived in less than 24 hrs since I'd ordered them.

I ordered the Emma Louise in blue as I already had a small print in blues that would've a great backing.
So now........ The difficult part.....I have to decide on a design for a small quilt, probably a cot quilt.
It's handy to have a small  Quilt on the go, it's easier to take places,  especially for demonstrating.
I feel inclined  towards NorthCountry design, but being blue it would be a cot quilt for a boy, and I'm wondering if feathers and roses are appropriate  for boy babies.

Also I'm just finishing a north country design small quilt and before this a Welsh design one. Also,
Lilian has  told me that  ' it's a quilters maxium not to do the same design twice'.

Such difficult decisions!

I haven't yet learned how to attach a photo  on here,  or I would show a photo of the fabrics.

I'm sitting here looking at pictures  and designs, I really want to get  started but don't know what design to choose! Also  really looking forward to seeing how the new batting needles.
If you have any suggestions feel free to say.

Happy Quilting everyone.....

Well I didn't get to post this yesterday but almost immediately after I finished  writing, a new idea came.  Make it a  stripy!  Both Lilian and Andrea Stracke have made great stripy quilts and I already have some white Emma Louise.
Another suggestion from Tuija.  ......Welsh hearts.

So I'm on the way girls and boys !  Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the top pieced and ......

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