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Monday, April 14, 2014

Hand Quilting

by Karen, Quilts…etc.

I posted this on my personal blog and I’m posting this too here – no photos – but I wanted to share this to all hand quilters who might be interested in this.

As a lot of you bloggers know Amy Ellis at Amy’s Creative Side has a quilt festival every year and it will be in about a month.  She just announced the categories this year and I was amazed to see that there is no hand quilting category this year!!!!  As  a hand quilter I am very surprised at this – I wrote her a comment and asked if this was overlooked and she got back to me and said    “No, sorry. It was one of the least requested categories, based on feedback from participants.”

I'm I the only one amazed by this oversight!  Are hand quilters such a rarity now that we no longer have a category in a quilt festival on line?  Maybe if we send her a note she will add this category back in?

Yes if we have a hand quilted quilt we can enter it into the applique category – or as a scrappy quilt – rainbow quilt – whatever – we just can’t enter it into the hand quilted category because there is none!!

It just doesn’t seem right.


  1. Sad and sorry news that the hand quilting category has been eliminated from the quilt festival. I am under the impression that there is a swelling number of hand-quilters and that this is a very rapidly-growing passion . . . especially due to the "take-it-with-you" aspects of hand quilting. Is there a way we can give input to show our interest in having the category reinstated?

  2. I don't believe there is anything to change it this year - quite a few have left comments on Amy's blog stating they would like a hand quilting category and from what she wrote in the comments I think she might add it back in next year but I doubt she will change it this year.

  3. That's sad indeed. I hope it does come back in the future.

  4. Oh, wait! I just checked and it IS added back in! Yay! THERE IS a hand-quilted category. So we need to get some entries in there!

  5. I first saw the consternation her omission caused over at the Celebrate Handquilting Facebook Group page ... thankfully she's chosen to add a hand-quilted category. Now I need to find out the requirements to participate. ;-)

  6. I just saw that too! thank you Amy for adding us back in = now we need to make sure a lot of us enter a quilt!

  7. Glad to hear this got sorted out! I was shocked when I joined my local guild that no one, at all, hand quilts! The attitude is actually a little disparaging . . .

    1. at my quilting groups I am one of a few that hand quilt - most machine quilt now or "send" them out to the long arm

  8. I rallied the troops last year when I saw the draw limited. Sadly, the "prize" for the category was not necessarily a great fit for people who might submit. I say that because I "won", but had difficulty and never received the prize, related to a pattern company not specific to hand quilting. Any chance that we can get great thread and needle connections like Pepper Cory or Alex Veronelli to offer a ROCKIN' prize?


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