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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Follow up on Hand Quilting & Festival

By: Karen Quilts…etc
After comments were left to Amy Ellis on her blog Amy’s Creative Side about not having a hand quilting category she thought things over and has opened the hand quilting category back up on the Quilt Festival next and added a challenge – she also joined the facebook page of Celebrate Hand Quilting which is a part of this blog.

Here is her challenge and this is quoted from facebook from Caron Mosey:

From Amy: "Alrighty Hand Quilters! You’ve made yourself heard, now I want to see how many quilts you will enter in the Festival! I’ve decided to add the Hand Quilting category back this time around, and challenge all of you to participate — so that your category can stick around for future Blogger’s Quilt Festivals!"
From Caron Mosey:  “ Thank you Amy, and now hand quilters, it's time for us all to step up to the plate and participate! Read about it at the link below.
Welcome, Amy!!! We are delighted to have you here, and hope you enjoy our wonderfully warm, creative, helpful and kind quilters! Pull up a chair, pour yourself a yummy beverage, and enjoy the beautiful eye candy!”

Coming Soon :: Blogger's Quilt Festival!
So keep an eye on Amy’s blog and enter a quilt next month she will have the rules there – it is simple you just do a blog post with a photo of your quilt and put a photo of your quilt on her blog – this is not a judged and juried show – it is a blog festival.  There are prizes.


  1. I hope all hand quilters will enter if they can since she opened it up at our request... and especially go VOTE for hand quilting... I saw one comment Amy made that said it was the least voted on of her categories... so everyone should VOTE! :) Kathi

  2. I'm not positive but I think last year there were only about 5 quilts or so entered in the hand quilting category - surely we can beat that this time.

  3. I hope we get more than five quilts in the hand quilted category this time! I certainly hope to be able to participate.


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