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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Red and Green Traditional Applique

By:  Karen Goad, Quilts etc
Red and Green are popular color choices to make traditional applique quilts.  I started to notice them about 5 years ago and purchased a couple books to help me along with selecting blocks.  The books I chose to use are these two – by chance another on our group here was always making a version of this quilt at the same and posted her quilt a couple weeks ago.  We didn’t plan these quilts together, nor discuss them – it was just a coincidence.
I started my blocks in 2010 and steadily plugged away at needle turn for several years.  The blocks got put aside numerous times.  At one point I thought I was finished and put the quilt top away waiting for my quilting frame to be empty to waiting it’s turn to be quilted.  Then I decided to add a border to the quilt and after looking at several books I ended up designing my own simple border to finish it.  In June of 2013 I put the quilt on the frame finally and started to hand quilt.  The quilt top took me about 250 hours to needle turn and 200 hours to quilt.  I use Quilter’s Dream request loft cotton batting and King Tut variegated thread in shades of red and green to quilt.  The fabric in the quilt are scraps that I had leftover from other quilts and the background is a Moda Marble beige.  When using cotton batting always remember that if you wash and dry your quilt you will have shrinkage – a lot of us like that shrinkage as it gives the quilt a wrinkled, crinkled antique look – but it also makes you quilt a little smaller in the end.  My top started at 100 inches square and is now 93” square – some of that shrinkage is from so much quilting in it but most of it is from washing and drying it.
Here is the finished quilt.
One of my favorite blocks is this one
Or is this one the favorite – I am hard pressed to find a favorite – I like all of them!  I did do some accent work with embroidery on some of the blocks.
These photos were taken almost right away after taking it out of the dryer so what looks like an uneven sashing is not – it just wasn’t laying quite flat.
When quilting some of the blocks due to the large motif I would add quilting on the flower – like this one – the center flower is so large – by quilting on the applique shape and around it you can create the illusion of trapunto without actually adding any stuffing.  Most of the time when I do applique I do not always cut away the fabric from the back – by having several layers it helps add to that illusion.
The center block is also a favorite.  All those circles though can be tedious and time consuming but in the end they really make the block don’t they.
My quilts are always meant to be used!  I love using my hand quilted quilt – I do not just fold them away and store them for future generations to look at.  One day this quilt will be passed on to one of my daughters or grandchildren and I hope they will enjoy it as much as I do.  It was 3 years in the making and many years of enjoyment to come in using it.
Here it is spread out on the bed over another quilt to see how it would fit the bed – a queen with a deep mattress – it fits fine!
Try your hand at a traditional red and green sometime – you will love it.


  1. Red & Green quilts have always been a favorite of mine!
    Your quilt is no except - it turned out absolutely gorgeous!
    What a fabulous treasure this quilt is...congratulations on a stunning finish!

  2. Love your red and green quilt. Very nice. Isn't it rewarding to have a long time quilt finished?

  3. So much work but oh so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love the quilt on the bed shot... loving all the work you put into this quilt... and all the fun you will have enjoying it... and generations to come because your work is so wonderfully specific. Thanks for inspiring me to be more specific with my stitches... taking more time to have a beautiful turn out like you did! Kathi

  5. thank you everyone - I did enjoy making this quilt.

  6. Bonjour
    cela me plait tellement ce quilt , que j'aimerai le faire
    comment obtenir les fiches
    merci pour le renseignement
    splendide , très beau

  7. So great to see your version of this quilt! Amazing how different but similar they look. I love to hear that you will be using yours also. There is so much work in this quilt, stunning!

  8. thanks Carla
    Thanks Renee! I put you in google translate :)

  9. Your red and green quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I know you mush be very happy with the way it has turned out. You have created a beautiful piece of textile art. Thanks so much for your visit to my blog. I love all of my visitors. genie

  10. This is just stunning! I have started one green and red block after Carla's inspired me so much not too long ago and yours is another wonderful dose of inspiration :)

  11. good luck Deb - one block at a time and it gets done!


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