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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Inspiration is everywhere

by Andrea Stracke

The New Year has just begun and it’s time to publish my first post here – thank you, Caron, for allowing me to participate. 
I’m a completely addicted and self-taught hand quilter and I do whole cloth quilts for almost 20 years now. For me whole cloth quilts hold many things I really love: colour, structure, sophisticated details and endless variety.

Although I still love and use traditional patterns and designs from Wales and the North of England for my quilts I am always looking for new inspiration - and I can find ideas at so many places.  

This little quilt was made in 2012. The design is derived from a diamond tiara made in 1925 and owned by the British Royal family. It was frequently worn by Princess Margaret, the sister of the current Queen Elizabeth II, and also lately by the Duchess of Cambridge.
To enhance the beautiful pattern I added some stippling here and there.

I love those delicate designs and it’s so much fun to quilt them!  You can find inspiration almost everywhere.  



  1. This small quilt is absolutely lovely. I love the small circles and stippling. May I ask what do you use to mark your lines?

    1. I use a traditional marking method: needlemarking with a darning needle. For light and medium coloured solid fabrics it's the perfect method for me because I don't have to remove any marking lines. You could also use a hera marker, I think this has been discussed before here on the blog.

  2. Very pretty! I've not done any tight hand stippling before. You've given me an excuse to find a place to try.

  3. Love this quilt and esp your stippling and sweet small stitches! Thanks for sharing and you are right.. inspiration can be found anywhere if we only look! Kathi

  4. Fabulous work! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this style of quilting.:)

  5. Andrea, your hand quilting and your detailed designs are beyond breathtaking. You have an immense talent and a great eye for detail. Always a treat to see your work.

  6. Beautiful work. There are so many BOMs but no handquilting. It would be nice to work on a wholecloth pattern every month.

  7. Your work is amazing Andrea. I just visited your website as well, and your gallery of work is impressive and inspirational. Thank you Andrea for sharing your work!

  8. My favorite part of making a quilt is the actual quilting. I have hopes of doing a whole cloth in the future, thanks for the inspiration!

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