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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Eye Candy from 2013!

Hello all... Kathi here from Design Originals by KC :)

We are a blog with many different authors who each "drop in" once a month or so when we have something hand quilting to share... in 2013 we gave you 60 posts :)

We covered so many projects as I peruse the archives that I thought it might be fun to see some eye candy of YOUR most fave things we shared :)

And take a minute too to go to our website and check out our updated header on this blog... if you are in a reader you are missing some great eye candy there!!!

~ Click the link below each pic to go to that post ~

January 2013 Brought us a new year with new goals... 

A beautiful finish by Marjorie

Loose stippling by Karen
Moderate stippling in a smaller project by Kat

Dense stippling by Tim
Hand Piecing by Karen

January had lots of eye candy ... all kinds of stippling.. a grand finish and a galant start on hand piecing if you are interested in hand sewing your quilts completely!

February 2013

Francoise showed off this red and white beauty!
February was a slow month on the blog with only 2 posts but boy were they both awesome :)
Audrey shared the ins and outs of using clothing to quilt with

March 2013 

March brought us a plethora of hand quilting goodness...
Karen showed off her quilting on this Bow Tie Medallion
Carla showed us her finish with beautiful hand stitches
Caron showed off several quilts here
Tulips for spring by Rose Marie
Easter wishes and Wildflowers from Karen

April we had the MOST posts for you!

...mainly because we featured a linky on this post...
Celebrating over 500 Facebook Followers
and Caron also posted hand quilting from quilters without a blog! 
by Mary Ash

Look at these beauties from all over the WORLD!!!
by Jill Mezcaros

by Gail Clarke

by Rita Larson

by Judy Leckie
by Cindy Lash
Check out each one by clicking their name :)

Then we had a couple in depth posts on how we do what we do with these posts...

The work that brought this quilt to life
how to sew straight lines easily
Inspiration for all quilters by Audrey

And a GRAND finish

More year in review coming next week... including our still to come 
  • most popular post of 2013!
  • most viewed post of 2013!

Stay tuned and please leave us feedback on what you loved in this review of 2013 and what you would like to see in 2014!  Leave feedback here if you will but if you would like to contact me...  I blog at HERE or you can email me HERE.  Also this information is also provided in my signature below if you prefer ;)

Best Wishes for a Peaceful Safe January!


  1. Love your recap. Those are all such lovely quilts. Hand quilting is such a treat to see, though I'm a machine girl myself!

  2. Thanks for putting all that together. There is a lot of inspiration for us all!

  3. I truly enjoyed doing this for us to peruse all the places we have been in 2013... watch next week for the rest of the year... links to blog hops and other milestones of 2013 :)

  4. Fun to see the recap! It's hard to believe there was that many posts in 2013!

  5. Such beautiful work - love the quilt by Marjorie!


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