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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bringing in the New Year with feathers!

Happy 2014!  How did you bring in your New Year where you are??? I slow stitched the New Year in personally :) 

Hi All I am Kathi ... and I love hand quilting!  It is my fave part of taking an idea and turning it into a quilt!  And I am super excited to be a new contributor here at Celebrate Hand Quilting blog!

I brought in the new year hand quilting these adorable feathers!

I traced them from a template I found at an online retailer that looks like this....

I used a fabric pencil to mark with.

I personally wanted pointed ends on both ends so I altered it as I drew it and just flipped the template around to get that gorgeous point.

I had 49 feathers to mark on this quilt and got them all marked in less than a day :)

Are you interested in more information on marking your quilt for hand quilting???  I have lots of tips but my goal is to provide you with information you WANT! lol

If you want to get in touch with me... please feel free to visit my blog here or at the full address below.  Also if you prefer direct contact my email is listed with my blog name on my signature :)

Have a blessed 2014 and plan something fabulous and quilty that you can make this year!


  1. I should have done that. I kept watching for something great on TV.....not. I guess I'm too old for this new crowd!

    1. You are never too old for hand quilting though :)

    2. That's what I love about hand quilting ... I can quilt AND watch something on TV. ;-)

  2. Welcome, Kathi! How exciting that you'll be posting here, too!

    1. Would love to see you post here Kathy :) Thanks for the warm welcome! I am very very excited!


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