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Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Journey

 Celebrating a finish!  Yes, when hand quilting it does take some time to finish a quilt, so it is always exciting when we have a finish to share. This quilt was started in Dec of 2011 as I collected fabrics while on a trip visiting family for Christmas. It turned out to be the last Christmas we would spend with my father in law. The applique was started in March 2012 right after the funeral.  By September I had the top assembled, but it would be put away waiting for it's turn to be quilted.  So in October, "Christmas Journey" was pulled out and the quilting began.  As I quilted my thoughts would return to my father in law and so this quilt is dedicated to his memory. Sometimes quilters are baffled by what design to quilt. This quilt shows that a simple 45 degree crosshatch is effective.   I highlighted the pineapples in the center block by adding a few feathers around them, and then stuffing them. To keep the crosshatching from conflicting with the single pineapple I just changed the grid to a 60 degree on the appliqued pineapple.

Here a few pictures of some of my favorite blocks!

I added a bit of trapunto to the feathers around the pineapples.
 I repeated this current and coxcomb block in each corner.
The bird block is my favorite.
A little trapunto made this simple pineapple come alive.

I am so glad to have this one done to enjoy this Christmas !   It was a joy to stitch and holds so many memories that it will always be special to me!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wool Batting, The Outcome

By: Marjorie
Back in September, I made 2 posts on my debate regarding how to launder the first quilt that I had ever used wool batting for.  Opinions were mixed and even the outcome of my experiments were inconclusive.  I finished the quilting last night and  washed it on a standard warm/cold cycle and dried on delicate/low.  I will advise the recipient to use a delicate wash cycle though since my old machine agitation is pretty limited.  Because I was concerned that the shrinkage might be un-even, I serged the edges before washing but waited to bind it..
My conclusions are that where the stitching distance is around 1/2", the wrinkly texture is very similar to a cotton batting washed and dried on hot settings with the intention of getting that wrinkly appearance.  (Left = before washing, Right = after)

The puffiness becomes very noticeable at a distance between stitching of 1.5".

It is quite extreme as the distance spreads to 3".

I am very glad that the outer border was tightly quilted since the puffy sections would have created a wavy, wonky outer border (I think).

I enjoyed stitching the wool and would definitely use it again.  It will work well for my usual stitching style where I tend to over-quilt with detailed designs.  By purposely manipulating the distance between stitching lines you could get some very nice textural differences with the same batting.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Well I Meet My Goal

By: Karen

I so want to get my Red and Green Traditional Applique quilt finished by the end of the year.  But can I?  That is the question!  The final border is in sight Smilethis is a big quilt though and the blocks are a good 18 inches if I remember right.  The border is at least 10 or 12 inches wide.  It has been so long since I made the top that I don’t remember the dimensions anymore except it ends at 100 x 100.


I love these blocks – but the little round circles and all the applique is tedious to quilt around each piece.


And then of course the grid takes forever as well – 3/4 inch – I know some do at 1/2 or even a 1/4 not for me – I want to get done.



I worked on this section last night


On to the border edge today and then I can roll it down again and I think this time the full border will be in sight at the end of the frame.  Maybe I can get done by the end of the month – one can always try.