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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Some Quilts Soak up Hand Quilting Like a Sponge

By: Audrey

I thought it was time to post on Celebrate Hand Quilting again as I am an avid hand quilter. With a quilt in the hoop year 'round, there's bound to be a finish or two!
All Grayed Down
This is the latest quilt that has been liberated from my hoop. It's one of those quilts that make me sooo glad I started hand quilting years ago in spite of the the niggling worry that I was a bit mad. It seemed like every stitch just made it look better and better all along the way. After taking it out of the dryer, I instantly wanted to wrap up in it and absorb all the coziness I could!
Better look at the hand quilting
For some reason I could get better pictures of the hand quilting inside where the light wasn't as good. The freehand baptist fan stitching you can see is only in the applique blocks and then everywhere else, I did echo type quilting which I think suited this random sampler style quilt to a T. This quilt was one of my own creations, relying heavily on antique quilts for inspiration and buried stash fabrics to pull it all together into one cohesive whole.