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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bow Tie Medallion

By Karen

For Amy’s Quilt Festival I entered my Bow Tie Medallion into the Hand Quilting Category that I shared with all of you earlier this year.  It seems like it has been a long time since I finished it but really it hasn’t been – it just seems like it!


This photo taken during the hand quilting process


I always love to take a photo right after I get the quilt on the frame because I know it will be months before I see this edge again!


Bloggers Quilt Festival

It's that time of year again.

I have participated in this for several years.  What excites me about this year is the way the quilts are organized.  Hand quilting has it's own category, page and prizes!  The winner of the Hand-Quilted Quilt category will win, a $50 Gift Certificate from Martingale!

My entry is feeling a little lonely over there with only 7 of us as of this morning.  

Head to the main Festival page for directions and then let's fill up this category with tons of hand-quilted beauties!  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pinwheel Quilt

By: Karen

Late last year or earlier this year – I’m really not sure – I made up this small pinwheel quilt and finally got it in the hoop to hand quilt at the end of summer.  I took time off from it for most of September while I did a little traveling but was able to finish it when we got home.  It was the only thing I worked on for 11 days and got it done. 

It is always such a nice feeling to make a dent in the pile of quilt tops and have one more finished isn’t it.  this is not a fancy quilt and there is no fancy stitching –it is just done Smilethe thread I used is King Tut variegated – it is not pearle cotton – I didn’t do tiny stitches, but yet they are not as big as what is used for “big stitch” quilting – somewhere in between.

  I found the pattern for this on line some place – it was a free pattern.  I added the border, I don’t remember what the original border was.



this was a close up shot from before I washed it.  I used the blue marking pen “Mark b Gone” and all the marks came out like it normally does.


As you can see all the blue marks came out with no trouble at all – I washed on a large load with color catchers and the quilt came out with not a mark on it – then was tossed in the dryer for the antique crinkly look.  I used quilters dream 100% cotton batting the lowest loft.


this is a child’s size quilt about 52 x 62

Now I am mainly a hand quilter but I am trying my hand at machine quilting – that is right every now and then I try to do straight line stitching on an easy quilt so I can get done fast – too many quilts are waiting in line although I must say I am beginning to get caught up – if I can just control myself and finish a few things first before staring something new!!   I do have one other quilt ready to baste and get in the hoop and I am still working on my Red and Green Applique quilt in the big 3 roller frame – I am taking a break from it while I finish some smaller projects – I will get back to it soon.