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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Visiting an old friend

In a couple of weeks, I will be presenting a trunk show (my first ever) to our night time guild here in North Bay, Ontario, Canada (called Northern Lights Quilter's Guild) and my quilts have gotten the once, twice and thrice going over to determine which quilts will be assembled for the show.

Today, an old Baltimore style quilt (made in 2003) got pulled out of the holding basket in our TV room for dusting off in the dryer. I thought you would like to see just a few of the blocks and my hand quilting.  I would like to keep this quilt a surprise until the members see my show.

My quilt was laid over an ottoman for photo taking and suddenly I heard some rustling at one end of the quilt.  Someone crawled inside to make herself at home and settle down for a nice snooze.
Have a great day!

Rose Marie Castonguay

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We are in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine!

Page 8, August/September 2013 issue!  

Encouraging people to visit our blog...  
You know what that means, CHQ writers:  
We need to get busy and write more!  

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Update on the Traditional Red and Green Quilt

By: Karen

I have been busy the past month quilting – some progress, not as much as I would like but it is still possible to get this quilt done in time for the holidays.  Now if I just was not working on so many other things.

I unrolled the quilt the other day to get photos of the border as I had forgotten to do that before I had rolled it to start quilting on the blocks.  It took 3 photos but here is the border.




I am marking my grid with the blue wash out pen “Mark b Gone” I have had excellent luck with it and I am not concerned about leaving the ink in the quilt so long – I will not be spritzing it out as I go as the red and green colors could possibly bleed – the water would just be sitting there as it would be damp for awhile – in the washing machine you know there is a lot of water and color catcher’s – completely different story!


I use the white chalk pen from Fons and Porter for the red borders.  That will brush out as I work and what doesn’t will wash out when the quilt gets tossed in the wash.


I am quilting on some of the applique – some of it is pretty thick though as I did not trim out the back fabric in all places – just didn’t think about it – so I am using a stab stitch which I am not used to and do not like on the thickest of the applique parts so all stitches are not created equal!



I am keeping up a progress report on my personal blog of this quilt if you wish to check it and I will periodically on this blog.