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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Celebrating hand quilting

By Janet Treen
Some of you would already know that I entered my quilt "Rings and Roses" in the Sydney quilt show and won Best of show. It's taken me awhile to come to terms with the awards I received. I only considered entering it recently after the urging of my blog readers.
I'm very proud to have won this gorgeous crystal trophy for excellence in hand quilting. I also picked up ribbons for first traditional, best traditional hand quilting amateur, the hangers prize, a judges choice and 2nd viewers choice. I'm still overwhelmed by all the accolades and ribbons.
I did echo quilting in the borders, roughly 1/4" apart as well as going around every applique shape.
I repeated the echoing in the corner blocks where the applique swept into the rings.
I was originally only going to do the feather quilting in the rings but after using a cotton batting, they didn't show up too well with the grid being small.  That's when I decided it needed to have trapunto and I loved doing it so much, it's sure to be added to future quilts.
I was pleased to see a number of hand quilted beauties at the show. It's still alive and well.
I think every second person asked me how long this quilt took to make. I ahve no idea really, it's been hanging around for years in various stages. I don't record the time spent, do any of you? A very hard question to answer when it's a labour of love.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Journey of a Quilter (quilting lines)

Thank you to Caron for allowing me to post on the hand quilting blog. I always enjoy reading the postings here and wanted to contribute to the blog and be part of this wonderful group of hand quilters.

I have been thinking this year about how to hand quilt straight lines.
My friend Pat always uses 1/4" marking tape to quilt her grid lines against.

In the past I have probably tried all the tools and marking devices that you have tried. On this large quilt I used pencil to mark the bows on the peach coloured border, and soap slivers to mark the bars/lines in the outside border. I enjoyed the "aromatherapy" of the soap, but found the lines quite wide, which wouldn't work for closely spaced lines.

I have also used the Hera marker, which I loved for working on white fabric because there were no lines to worry about removing (but I had to quilt under really good light).

But as I finish each hand quilted project I find myself starting to dread the marking of the next one. 
I have experimented with the technique called "no marking" or "eyeballing it"! 
I want to call it "organic" quilting design, but don't know if it really is?
I don't want to have to mark or trace any lines, or do any planning for the quilting. Am I just lazy? Maybe! But it has been soooo much fun!

The current project in my hoop is called Journey of a Quilter (pattern by Leanne Beasley) and I decided not to mark one single quilting line on it. All the quilting is intuitive, "loosey goosey" and "eye-balled". 
And I love it!
I would encourage quilters to try this method of quilting lines. It allows for more relaxation and enjoyment on the quilting journey!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A New Quilt on The Frame

By: Karen

As soon as I take a large quilt off the frame I always have another one waiting in line to take it’s place as I never get caught up – I bet a lot of you have that same problem!

Just a couple days ago I took the quilt Bow Tie Medallion off of the frame and decided to put my Traditional Red and Green Applique on it. This quilt has been waiting in line for a long time.  I did the blocks in 2010 and early 2011, the border I did early 2012, so it has been waiting at least a year – I have another that has been waiting even longer!  Of course I had to get started quilting it right away even though the binding is waiting to be stitched on the Bow Tie quilt.


The quilt top was inspired by 3 different books – I took the blocks from two different books and the border from another.  I can’t for the life of me remember what book I fashioned the border from – it wasn’t an exact duplicate.  The blocks though were from Jeana Kimball’s “Red and Green, An Applique Tradition” and Marsha D. Radtke’s “A Baltimore Album”.

So quilting begins --  I will be quilting around the applique shapes, some applique depending on the size of the piece will have some quilting in them as well.  I am using 3/4” masking tape to mark my lines – I know some do not like masking tape and think it leaves residue behind – I have used this tape off and on for years with no problems so I will keep on using it.


This much done so far – I will be working on this off and on but I must get the binding done on the Bow Tie Medallion so I can call that one finished before I work a lot on this quilt.  I expect this to be on the frame for the normal 6 months or so before it gets done.  I am inspired though to finish it a little faster as this quilt is red and green – what better season to use it for then the holiday season – so I will try to have this finished by late November at least.


I am using King Tut variegated red/green thread of course!