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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wool Batting, The Outcome

By: Marjorie
Back in September, I made 2 posts on my debate regarding how to launder the first quilt that I had ever used wool batting for.  Opinions were mixed and even the outcome of my experiments were inconclusive.  I finished the quilting last night and  washed it on a standard warm/cold cycle and dried on delicate/low.  I will advise the recipient to use a delicate wash cycle though since my old machine agitation is pretty limited.  Because I was concerned that the shrinkage might be un-even, I serged the edges before washing but waited to bind it..
My conclusions are that where the stitching distance is around 1/2", the wrinkly texture is very similar to a cotton batting washed and dried on hot settings with the intention of getting that wrinkly appearance.  (Left = before washing, Right = after)

The puffiness becomes very noticeable at a distance between stitching of 1.5".

It is quite extreme as the distance spreads to 3".

I am very glad that the outer border was tightly quilted since the puffy sections would have created a wavy, wonky outer border (I think).

I enjoyed stitching the wool and would definitely use it again.  It will work well for my usual stitching style where I tend to over-quilt with detailed designs.  By purposely manipulating the distance between stitching lines you could get some very nice textural differences with the same batting.


  1. Thanks for sharing the experiment results. I have a wool batting waiting for me to try.

  2. I have never tried any batting except cotton, nice to see how other batting's work

  3. I have been experimenting quilting with wool batting on some samples, but have not yet tried washing it. Thank you for sharing the outcome of your "washing wool batting" experiment.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I have used wool on a couple hand quilted things, but not washed them yet. The longarm quilted wool quilts have washed and dried nicely.

  5. This was a helpful post. Soon I will be choosing batting for next quilt that is almost ready for hand quilting.

  6. your blog post is just wonderful and your quilts are just fantastic you got a very nice back ground color in your blog.


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