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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bow Tie Medallion

By Karen

For Amy’s Quilt Festival I entered my Bow Tie Medallion into the Hand Quilting Category that I shared with all of you earlier this year.  It seems like it has been a long time since I finished it but really it hasn’t been – it just seems like it!


This photo taken during the hand quilting process


I always love to take a photo right after I get the quilt on the frame because I know it will be months before I see this edge again!



  1. Really wonderful quilt! Love how the stitching brought so much texture to the quilt.:)

  2. Fantastique!!
    Bonne fin de semaine

  3. me gusta !!! el acolchado fantástico muy, muy bonito

  4. Very nice pattern and stitching. I am curious about your quilt frame. Is it commercial or handmade?

    1. Jill my quilting frame was hand constructed out of oak by such a nice old gentleman that used to have a wood working shop near Branson, Missouri back in the 1990's. I have had the frame since about 1998 or there about and was one of the best quilting investments I ever made! There were a lot of quilters happy with the frames he made - sadly he died sometime ago and no one continued his work.

  5. Your quilt is just gorgeous- very well done!

  6. thanks everyone. I hope you all have gone over to look at the festival -

  7. you have been working on me. Seeing all your lovely hand quilting. I have a top for a wall hanging that is begging to be hand quilted, I guess this is the winter to get at it. Keep nudging me along and I'll get it done.

  8. Karen, this quilt is totally beautiful!


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