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Monday, September 30, 2013

2013 Fall Hand Quilters’ Blog Hop

Last spring the Celebrate Hand Quilting community had a very successful blog hop.  There have been many requests to repeat the event in the fall…

Because our community is spread out all over the world, the question comes… when IS fall (autumn) for our group?  Because I am based in Michigan, United States of America, I’ll assume that the easiest thing to do is go with my seasonal calendar. It is now fall in the United States, thus
Let our Blog Hop begin!  (Sorry friends, this blog hop is now closed.  Please continue to follow the blog and join the Spring 2014 blog hop!)

If you are a hand quilter and have a quilting blog, please feel free to participate.  If you don’t have a blog, perhaps now would be a fun time to start one!

Simply write a NEW blog post on your own blog.  Share either your latest finished quilt, or a quilt that is in progress.  We LOVE to see pictures, so make sure you include several good photos. 
PLEASE… at the top of your blog post, put your name and location. 
         Caron Mosey, Michigan, U.S.A.
Once you have published your blog post online, copy the URL (address) for that particular post.  Then come back to this page and click on the link to add yourself to our list.

That’s all that is required for your blog to be included.
Let the blogging begin!


  1. Ok, I just tested the linking process, and it works! Let's start posting, hand quilters! ~Caron

  2. Hola!!!
    no estoy segura de entender bien el mensaje
    no hablo ingles y Google funciona solo en parte
    si no he comprendido bien me lo comunica
    gracias, sludos

  3. I look forward to seeing other hand quilters blogs. Thank you for hosting.

  4. There appears to be a problem with number 10's link. - Canadian Birds Quilt.

  5. Yes, I left comments on everybody's blogs that would let me, but I can't get into #10 either. Wonderful job Caron. Thanks.

  6. Help can't seem to "grab our button" got the image can't seem to get it to link back here though! I quilt better than I computer!!!! Mary

    1. Mary, You need to copy the code from the box underneath the image (on the right, above). Then go to your own blog and find where your blog's layout (template) is. You will have to add the code for the image and link that you copied into your own blog's code.

  7. OK, I have corrected number 10, and it should work now.

  8. Thank you Caron I was doing all of that but have just relised I was putting the code in the wrong place! Got there now

  9. I am joining in too!! Hope I did it right.


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