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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Red and Green continues

By: Karen

One of these days my Red and Green quilt will be completely finished!  Until then I will continue to work on it an hour here, and hour there – sometimes only 5 minutes!  One day it will be done.  This is the section I am currently working on.


What is everyone hand quilting these days?  Do you try to do bits every day in order to finish and how long does it normally take you to finish a quilt?  For me queen size is what I normally have on my frame and they will be on there anywhere from 4 months to a year – some times this depends on the amount of quilting I am putting into it and other times it depends on how many projects I am working on at the same time.


  1. Hand quilting is seasonal for me. Kickoff in in about 1 month. I love to watch American Football and quilt using a lap quilt. Each game runs about 3 hours and I typically watch at least one college and one pro game a weekend. I can usually get a fairly detailed quilt done each season.

  2. el tiempo que se tarda en terminar un quilt no importa.
    solo me importa el resultado y el tuyo es impresionante

  3. thank you Belarmina

    Marjorie - I don't watch football but I do get a lot of quilting done watching tv in the evening - I don't watch in the daytime or I might get more done then too!

  4. I do a work in front of the TV at night. But I am an OT (Occupational Therapist), so lots of break to make sure I am not injuring my hands and arms. It takes a long time; but I enjoy ever minute of it.

  5. I take lots of breaks too - if I don't I get too stiff!

  6. Presently, I am hand piecing a quilt versus hand quilting. Nice that you commented that sometimes you only get five minutes of stitching done. I thought I was the only one who hand stitched in bits of found time. I hope to have my quilt pieced and begin hand quilting this fall. Thank you for the update and keep at it!

  7. I generally hand quilt larger quilts too, but I don't quilt as close together as you. Maybe if I made more formal quilts? lol Keep up the great work Karen!

  8. Audrey I am trying very hard on some of my smaller quilts now to not quilt as close together :) I want to get done! it is such a habit I guess but it does take forever.

  9. How much time do you spend each day. I usually devote about one hour at a time for hand quilting. Unfortunately that usually only happens maybe once a week. Currently I am quilting a small Christmas quilt for my daughter.


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