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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring 2013 Hand Quilting Blog Hop, Day 2

We hope you enjoyed Day 1 of the blog hop.  If you didn’t catch that, click here.

Here are the blogs for Day 2.  We hope you will enjoy your visit to each blog, and be sure and say hello while you are there by leaving a comment.  It’s nice to know where you are from as well, so if you could include your location (state or country) when you leave a comment, that would be fabulous!

Click on each quilter’s name to visit their blog:
Dawn Ronningen, Colorado, USA
Linda Hazlet, Iowa, USA
Jill Rimes, Texas, USA
Penny Holland, North Carolina, USA
Karen Goad, Arkansas, USA

If you are a hand quilter with an active blog and would like to hop on our Spring 2013 Blog Hop, please contact our blog administrator by email.  include your blog’s address, your first and last name and where you are from.  The blog hop ends Sunday, May 19th.
Drop by tomorrow for Blog Hop, Day 3!


  1. Caron, thanks for another great day of bloggy goodness! Loved the rant link in someone's post... and the hand quilting I found at every site is just amazing! Thanks for leading us on :) Kathi

  2. Shirley's page wouldn't let me leave a comment, but I loved her post! My first few quilts didn't have 'real' binding on them either....just the back brought to the front to form an edging. Why did we do that? Were we taught that way from somewhere or was that the 'natural' thing to do for us quilters who were teaching ourselves? :)) So thankful for internet!!

  3. I'm thoroughly enjoying this blog hop! I'm a long time utility quilter pumping out machine quilts who's hoping to slow down and become an accomplished hand quilter. This is an inspiration for me.

    Thanks ~

  4. Another great way to get connected and share. Hats off to you
    Caron Mosey!


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