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Monday, April 15, 2013

My first wholecloth quilt

JudyLby Judy Leckie, Melbourne Australia. Quilt completed 2010.


  1. oh so pretty! this is another quilt I have never done - no whole cloth for me - maybe one day

  2. Very lovely. Looks like it takes a lot of patience.:)

  3. Well done! There is just something about a wholecloth that is so satisfying to look at.

  4. Hi Judy, what a magnificent job you have done on this quilt. Patience surely shows and the final product was SOOOOOO worth it. congratulations on such a great quilt. I seem to have been chasing this quilt top/pattern forever. Like you i live in Australia but have been unable to track this down. If you are able to steer me to the place you got it i certainly would appreciate it. Thanks.


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