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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oh Spring, where art thou?

We're still under a couple feet of snow and it will be a while before spring flowers start to bloom.  This time of year, out comes my tulip quilt to celebrate the time of year.  Last spring, we were in the process of moving and my tulip quilt didn't get hung on the wall.  This year, we are renovating our new home and I fear it won't see daylight either.  Oh well .... next year.

Here is my tulip quilt so that we all can enjoy seeing it!

 A close-up of the hand qulting .... I love doing circles .... so simple .... so effective.
Have a great day!
Rose Marie Castonguay
Applique 'n Patch Quilting


  1. Boy! After moving from Florida (where Spring starts in early February) to Colorado (still have snow on the ground and expecting more tonight and over the weekend!) - A nice, cheery spring quilt is what I need for sure. :) Love your tulips. :D

  2. very cheerful quilt! I will need to look and see what I have with flowers to post

  3. What a lovely Spring quilt. :)

  4. Caught up with snow over here in the Yorkshire Dales too!!! I have always preferred hand quilting and often get funny looks about the amount of time it takes to produce one item! On a weaving course at the moment so my life is taken up with fibres right now, but quilting, its sat there waiting in the wings. Lovely to find your blog.

  5. Beautiful and cheerful quilt. It inspires.

  6. This quilt is really springly and so lovely.
    Like you, I do love hand quilting that makes your quilt more personal and full of our life moments.
    Isa from France

  7. Very nice! We could all stand to see a little spring this year; the weather doesn't seem to be obliging. Circles are also my go to quilting pattern. They're so easy and versatile. :)


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