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Monday, February 25, 2013

red and white by Françoise

I had a deadline, januari 18th, for this one. I managed to put the binding on, so it was kind of finished, but the  center wasn't finished quilting. Since I quilted along the triangles, which prevented the layers from shifting, I was able to quilt the border and put the binding on. Now I'm still quilting the center.


  1. I have heard other quilters attach the binding before quilting. I recently learned that machine basting the edge makes hand quilting much easier. Beautiful fabrics and quilt!

  2. Lovely quilt! Can't see a problem with adding the binding - if it is already stable then it can only help - stops bits of wadding getting into your stitching too! Love your quilting:)

  3. I love the fabrics and I wish you luck with finishing.

  4. Beautiful! Love your background fabric! Hope you make speedy progress.:)


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