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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


By: Karen
Stippling is normally done by machine but no reason it can’t be done by hand as well – after all we all know that if something can be done by machine it can normally be done by hand as well – just not as fast!

I have one quilt that I did stippling on.  I have never done it since then.  Why – because of the amount of time it took to do it.  This quilt I hand pieced and hand quilted back in 1999.  I laid it out on the bed to get a photo of it as I don't have a good one handy.

The center area around the mariners compass is the area that I stippled.  I had it hanging on the wall for a very long time but then took it down several years ago. It had begun to loose it’s shape, the weight had been too much for it. I had not had a opening in the middle of the hanging sleeve – I learned you should always put an opening half way and have a bracket in the middle of your hanger for a large quilt. After washing and drying it several times I think the shape has come back to it, I will need to hang it again sometime and see how it looks. 

Here is a close up of the area – it is hard to get a good photo sometimes of stitching on prints.
I just did a continuous line weaving in and out in little looping kind of pattern all over the place.


  1. beautifully done, and I also love the fabrics, and the piecing is great!

  2. I have never attempted stipping through hand quilting. Perhaps I'll give it a try on a smaller piece!


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