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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lots of Hand Quilting Information at Your Fingertips

I love how this blog has shared a lot of great information on hand quilting over the past 14 months.  I have learned so much from our writers, and have seen beautiful quilts from all around the world.

The writers on this site post as the mood strikes them.  We have experienced quilters, quilters who have a moderate level of skill, and hand quilters who are just beginning to stitch.  And they are ALL welcome!  If YOU are a hand quilter and would love to be a writer on this site, please contact Caron Mosey by sending an email to her at:


Google Alerts

If you are looking for more information on hand quilting, you can always set up a Google Alert and have hand quilting information delivered right to your email account.  Here’s how:

Go to the website  and fill in the few questions that it asks.


In the Search query area, type in what you are looking for.  When I created my search ages ago, I put in “hand quilting.”  That was all. Click on the other sections below and choose the response that is appropriate for you.  On the question How Many, I put Only the best results.  That prevents a list of junk being delivered to my email.  Finally, put your email address in the last box, and click on CREATE ALERT.  That’s all there is to it!

I get a giggle every time I see one of our Celebrate Hand Quilting writers show up in my email as a Google Alert.  That’s one more article on hand quilting for the world to see.

Goodness knows we want a LOT of hand quilting covering the world!

Think about becoming a writer on this blog.

Think about setting up your own Google Alert about hand quilting. 

hand quilting


  1. I wondered how that was done - thanks for the posting the info! I'm taking a couple weeks off of hand quilting but will be back to work on it next week I'm sure.

  2. Thanks Caron for the blog. I am hand quilting a small quilt right now and have learned soooo much from the bloggers. And many of them have great blogs of their own where I learn more. They keep me inspired to keep quilting!

  3. I didn't know about this alert ..... thanks for the tip!

  4. Thank you, for writing about the Google Alert, Caron! I didn't know about, but now my hand quilting alert is created. Cheers Marle  


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