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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

by Annemart Berendse

Handquilters United
Caron Covert Mosey (USA) and Annemart Berendse (Netherlands), handquilters
Together near AQS Quiltshow Grand Rapids, 24 August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big stitch finish

I finished up another quilt last night.  This was a vintage quilt top from the 70's that I fixed and hand quilted.

The quilting is at about 5 stitches per inch using black crochet thread and a very large eyed embroidery needle.  It was very difficult to get comfortable making such large stitches!

I used a cotton batting and a peach backing. Here is a look at the back.

It's finished size is 71" X 84"

I don't know if I will ever used crochet thread for hand quilting again, I found that it frays and breaks.  I did not have that trouble hand quilting with perle cotton.  Perle cotton is a lot more money but I think it is worth it.

Happy Quilting

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Change of plans

The quilt above is a another mini I am working on. I had 2 of the panels quilted in bigstitch (my new fav) but I didn`t like it at all and so I ripped the stitches out and went with good ol`hand quilting, but I am using a black quilting thread. As you can see these are still scraps from my pie in the sky (pattern by Kim Diehl quilt. You can see Rose Marie`s version and my version
I am so glad I tried it on here first cause I was going to do this to my quilt! now I have decided that it will be done as regular hand quilting with my little betweens needle and my trusty YLI Quilting thread. (this is almost good advise to make a small quilt to see if you will like the quilting on your big quilt ;-))

 I made these blocks up from the scraps of my pie in the sky quilt. I quilted the Baptist fan one of my favorite ol`time quilting patterns and since it was so hard to see the quilting on the front I am posting the back you so can see the fans better. I have the binding done since this picture was taken shows that the pins still in for the finishing.

  I want to thank Karen Goad she
keeps me in stitches due to her productivity she is always quilting, I admire her stitches on the screen. I  want to touch them, the only way to do that is to make my own and touch them. It really feels good to be quilting by hand more and more. I see how quickly she is able to get her big quilts quilted and it really does show initiative that I can get them done quickly and beautifully like that too!

Posted by Deb Anger

X Marks the Spot

By: Karen Goad

I found the perfect little stencil from the Stencil Company who was kind enough to give us two give away’s on this blog and another one on my blog a couple months ago.  If you haven’t checked them out you should – enough stencils to choose from that you can find one for just about any quilting design you want.

I recently finished a small (for me) easy quilt that I have named “X Marks the Spot.”   For the quilting I wanted to keep it easy and simple to go well with the quilt.  Looking through my stencils I found a stencil of leaves that look like vine leaves – it is working out really well on this quilt.


Some quilts call for a lot of quilting - others do not.  This is one of those that needed simple quilting.

2 times summer by Françoise Lietaert

I show you 2 wallhangings I made several years ago for summer.

Unfortunately I see they hang sideways and I don't know how to fix that.
They both are patterns by Pat Sloan, except that in the one below I changed the original blackbird and the watermelon (if I remember correctly) for 3 icecreams in the back then favourite tastes of my 3 kids : strawberry, vanilla and pistaccio. They now prefer every kind of chocolate icecream.
I handquilted it (of course) but not a lot : just some basic lines and some outlining. 
I hope you like them. I know I still do. And so does the rest of the family.

When I was just checking them I saw I made the one I altered a bit back in 2007 and I named it 'Who wants some icecream?'
The other one still doesn't have a label! How stupid of me! Pat Sloan called that one 'ma-ma's garden'.

Enjoy whatever you do today!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

finishing to start another

This little one is 19x19in pattern is by Kathleen Tracy`s yahoo group, the hand quilting is 1/2in apart. It will be going to a wonderful friend but in a little while I want to enjoy it first and plus I have to make a siggy block for it. The fabric is from a 5in charm pack that i got from a Secret Santa swap on line. i made 3 mini`s out of it, I have a basket of ready to quilt mini`s sandwich and basted when I finish one I can start another.
This one had many seams to quilt through due to silly me picking the crosshatch pattern. A friend that posts on here Rose Marie introduced me to the Crayola wash markers and they do work as a charm for your quilts marking the marks do come out!

I also wanted to show you the new quilt that is commissioned for my mothers group for next year. I have 2 more borders to put on but got excited how it turned out. This is from Eleanor Burns book Radiant Star Quilts, this is going to be a wonderful quilt to hand quilt with all that space. I may have to make one for miò

well off to piece 16 Civil War blocks for a swap
Deb Anger

A New Top

By: Karen Goad

I just finished another quilt top.  One that I made  by machine piecing instead of hand piecing as everything I am currently working on is by hand.  I needed a change of pace.  I finished it in 5 days – the quilt is 69 x 69 inches.

Now the decision -- to machine piece straight lines or hand quilt – yes I decided to hand quilt once again.  Why – because although I have machine pieced straight lines on several small quilts  I am never satisfied with the way it looks.  I admit it – I am a hand quilting snob Smile  I can’t help it, I really and truly just do not like the way machine quilting looks.  If I machine quilted straight lines on this quilt top I know I would end up giving it away shortly after I finished it because I would not like it.

Are you a hand quilting snob also?

Do you ever feel that you will get caught up on all of the quilt tops that you have finished and are stacked away waiting for you to quilt?

This top will be outlined quilted with an X in the middle of each of the rectangle parts of the X in the pattern.  I will use my hoop seeing as my big frame is still occupied with the very large Joseph’s Coat quilt.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Honeycomb and Octagons

While at our summer cottage, I've been working on a EPP (English Paper Piecing) project that will be hand quilted once it is put together. 

We've been doing some renovations that involved taking down a ceiling in a back room where some bees were building a nest.  Down came this piece of honeycomb and I thought it was appropriate to place it on top of my basted octagon. 

The bees made their honeycomb nest one cell at a time, and so do I with one octagon at-a-time and one stitch at-a-time for hand quilting.

Being persistent like the bees, I'm starting to see results with my hand quilting projects.  I just finished hand quilting a baby quilt and I will be able to show it once binding and a label are applied. 

by:  Rose Marie Castonguay
Applique 'n Patch Quilting

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Finished Baby Gift

My latest hand-quilting project has been shipped to the proud new parents. It is hand-quilted with platinum-coloured size 8 perle cotton.


We Have Another Winner!

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