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Monday, July 23, 2012

As Promised, Another Giveaway!

We had our first giveaway on the 4th of July… and as promised, here is another one!
This giveaway is a “Share the Love” giveaway.  The writers at Celebrate Hand Quilting are all SO fantastic at contributing their ideas, photos, suggestions and love for the art of hand quilting, that it’s a chance for you to tell them how much you appreciate them.  A $100 gift certificate will be given away to one lucky winner on August 5th, so…
The deadline for this giveaway is August 4th.
You have a lot of chances to win this great gift certificate from

Here is what you need to do for this easy
two-step process:

1) Visit the blog of any of our writers (see top left column on the Celebrate Hand Quilting page) and leave a comment on a post that you like. 

2) Leave a link below that points to the blog post that you left a comment on. The link will NOT point to Celebrate Hand Quilting; it will point to the personal blog of one of our writers.  It’s your way to tell them what you love on their own blog, and let them know you appreciate all the work that they do to contribute to THIS group blog. NOTE:  You can do this just once, or… you can do this for every single writer on Celebrate Hand Quilting! How cool is that?!?!?

So have fun visiting some great blogs. Sit back, enjoy yourself, and don't forget to post your links here as you go along! Remember, you have until midnight August 4th, and one winner will be selected on August 5th. Hopefully, it will be YOU!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Red and White for me!

 If someone yelled fire in my house this is the quilt that I would rescue before leaving the house. It hangs next to the breakfast table.  I just love two color quilts, the high contrast is so striking.

My favourite

This is the quilt that I go to .... the colours, the fabric, the style .... it's crazy, but how I love this quilt of mine!

by Rose Marie Castoguay
Applique 'n Patch Quilting

Go To Quilt

By: Karen

I guess I don’t really have one that is used all the time, one that is packed with me when I travel or used on the couch all the time ect.  Over the years I have had many favorites and I change them out routinely.   But one I will never part with for some reason is my Charm Quilt that I made back in 1999.  I made this with a world wide exchange  of 5 inch squares – it is certainly not the best made but I like it.  Right now it is on the wall but one day I will change it out for something else on the wall and then this one will go back on the couch.

Here it is pulled out from behind the couch – the wall isn’t tall enough so part of it is normally tucked behind the couch.


There are design changes that I would make now in color placement but back then this was good for for me.  It is hand quilted.  I have gotten a bit of use from it over the years, it has been taken on picnics and in the camper and will be again when I put something else up on the wall – I don’t care how much use a quilt gets – in my house it gets hand quilted.

Go to quilt

By Ann-Mari Duffy

All the quilts I have made are in use. Both me and the children likes to cuddle up under a quilt.

Happy Quilting

The Quilt That Gets the Most Use

By Audrey Easter

When my kids are in school, I start the mornings out by crawling into the recliner and pulling this quilt up over the top of me.  Back to sleep for another 15-20 minutes while they shower etc.  It's also the quilt I call my 'traveling quilt' because I take it with me on any trip that lasts for more than a day.  My husband is very warm blooded and I'm not.  A quilt makes all the difference for a comfortable trip, plus I love sleeping under my own quilts while traveling.  This quilt has marking issues that I never could get rid of, so it makes it easy to over-use it.  I've already wore one quilt out from this kind of use so I'm curious how long this one will hold up!

My "Go-To" Quilt

By Candace, Southern Girl Quilts

My "go-to" quilt:
It is hand-quilted but not by me. This queen-size double wedding ring quilt was my wedding gift from my momma. From the moment I received it, it has either lived on my bed or the guest bed --which is it's current resting place.

This is the second of the three double wedding ring quilts she made in about five years. The first was one for her and my daddy as it was something she always wanted and the third is the one she made my sister as her wedding gift.

There is a fourth being slowly pieced. It will one day be my six-year-old niece's wedding gift. My momma wants to make sure that her granddaughter has something from her on her wedding day -even if she's not here or unable to quilt anymore. The very reason, my momma didn't get one on her wedding day. Her mother could no longer quilt due to MS and her grandmothers had passed on. It means so much to her, that she made me swear if she couldn't finish the quilt, then I would.

Ready to Quilt!

by Grace Thorne

Sunday was spent dreaming of future quilting while basting these flimsies.  Two tablerunners, 2 little quilts and 2 twin size are all ready for hoop, needle and thread.  Regardless of the hot weather, quilting goes on year round--for me anyway.  They will be free form quilted, as i do most of my quilts nowadays.  The larger amish style will be fans, the others outline quilted probably.  It isn't that i don't mark quilts to quilt anymore, it's just that i like the look of free form, especially with reproduction type quilts.  Either way, it's not a quilt until it's quilted....and for me that means by hand!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

go-to quilt

My go-to quilt is a very heavy denim quilt that I hand quilted using Perle cotton thread.

It is really Teddy's go-to quilt, I made it to cover "his" chair and protect it from his sharp toes.
Most of my quilts don't get a lot of use in the summer but this one does.

My Zig-Zag “Go-to” Quilt

NOTE:  This quilt is not hand quilted!!!
I  made this quilt years ago for my queen-size bed.  It is slept under every single night  It is a simple, quick strip pieced zig zag quilt that was meant to get a ton of use.  When I know it will get a lot of use, I don’t hesitate to have it machine quilted. This was machine quilted by Kari Ruedisale in Lansing, Michigan.
Looks like this quilt needs to be replaced by another that will also get a lot of love… and use!

The quilt I use the most

The quilt I use the most is this just finished quilt called Splinter's Delight, a machine made quilt for our cat Splinter. The "formerly he" lays all over our new couch, and therefore this quilt needed to be made. It covers a 3-seater, is used for being ill on the couch as it is 9ft by 7,5ft. It is not hand quilted, because I believe my cat would not value the hand quilting for what it's worth. But I might be wrong. My apologies then Splinter, for not giving you a hand quilted quilt!

Have fun quilting!

Go to quilt


By: Glenn Dragone

Post a picture of the quilt that you use the most. You know the one, it feels all warm and homey, the dog spreads out on it and you don’t care. It might be one of your favorites or a quilt that just isn’t anything more then a treasured friend.

Here’s mine:

colorful crossroads back pillows  477

Tuesday, July 10, 2012



By: Glenn Dragone

2012-07-10 09.14.40

2012-07-10 09.27.13

Decided to use a feather design. Lots of extra hand quilting time but well worth it in the end.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Another Finish

I finished my Houses quilt on Sunday night.  Here it is fresh out of the drier.  A bit wrinkled but that will hang out.
The hand quilting took a month so I am still on track to finish one a month this year (it helps to have so many tops already made )

Happy Quilting

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

By Candace, Southern Girl Quilts

Wordless Wednesday from Suze

Wordless Wednesday from Annemart Berendse

Color wheel by Itten.
By Annemart Berendse

How is your Google Blogger account set for email?

Are you a No-Reply Blogger?

Because many people left comments on this site for their entry to win our first giveaway, I noticed something that really surprised me and want to call your attention to it.

If you ever leave comments on another blog, you REALLY need to adjust your settings so that the owner of the blog you comment on can send you an email in return.  Many of you don’t know how do do that (and really should!).  I could give you a great tutorial, but Karen at Sew Many Ways has already done that.  Please visit her blog and see what to do to correct this problem. 

You don’t want your email to be, do you?

Wordless Wednesday

By:  Audrey

Wordless Wednesday


By: Glenn Dragone


Wordless Wednesday from Ann-Mari

Wordless Wednesday from Haley

from Haley

Wordless Wednesday-Debra

mini`s by hand

Wordless Wednesday from Tim Latimer

Wordless Wednesday from Carla

Wordless Wednesday from Rose Marie

Rose Marie Castonguay
Applique 'n Patch Quilting

Wordless Wednesday from Karen

By Karen

Wordless Wednesday from Kathleen

We Have a Winner of Giveaway Number 1

It was a difficult task to keep track of the winner for this giveaway as you had so many different ways to enter the drawing.  Next time it won’t be quite so easy!

I kept track of everyone on an Excel spreadsheet and used the Random Number Generator online this morning to determine the winner.


Our winner came to us from our new Facebook group.  Her name is…

Barbara M. Burnham

Barbara, please get in touch with me via email so I can send you your gift certificate!


Wordless Wednesday by Caron

by Caron Mosey

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Don’t forget to register to win!


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