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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Home Stretch

by Rose Marie

Do you remember my post about my concern for the quilt that I'm working on and if I was going to have to rip out some hand quilting?  Well I'm glad to report that everything turned out OK.  I guess my basting was good enough to prevent major shifting of the top, batting and backing and that there were no puckers when the area in question got quilted.  Whew!

Now, I'm on the home stretch.  Just the borders to do now. 

To my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. glad you had no shifting - that is always tough when that happens and you have to decide if you will take apart and fix or if you will leave as is.

  2. Great it worked out! Unsewing can be so demotivating!

  3. Glad to see it is OK. It is looking really pretty.

  4. Oh Im so happy to have found hand quilters !! I love Jinny Beyers for yrs now. I thought she was the only hand piecer /quilter left.Happy Thanksgiving !

  5. Yeah for you Rose Marie! Love seeing all those wonderful hand quilting stitches!


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