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Friday, November 9, 2012

Another Quilt on the Frame

By: Karen

I got my Joseph’s Coat quilt off of the frame earlier this week and had another waiting in line to take it’s place.  This one is a scrappy Bow Tie Medallion.   I love scrap quilts.

When you finish one quilt do you usually have another one waiting in line to get started on?  I always do. In fact right now I have 4 finished quilt tops waiting in line behind this one!

My bow tie on the frame – quilting has started:


The stencil I chose for the border.  I will add more if needed at the bottom of this, for now it is left open so there is room to square up if needed.


I will show a photo of Joseph’s Coat when I get the binding on the quilt.  I will start work on that this weekend.


  1. I am wondering what type of frame you have? Do you have to baste your quilt before putting it in the frame?

    1. my quilting frame Deborah is a one of kind, hand crafted out of oak and steel pipes - a woodworker made these frames in the Branson MO area about 15 to 20 years ago - I have had mine for about 14 years at least - the old man died about 10 years ago so more frames :( he is missed in that area - a lot of people loved his work.

    2. just saw your second question - no basting required, it has 3 rollers and you roll on the frame

  2. Just found your blog and will be following along. After a long time absence, I have returned to handquilting - working on a 100 x 100 appliqued quilt. My question - actually 2 - where do you find a good selection of hand quilting threads? I ordered from Red Rock Threads in Nevada this week - YLI has a nice selection of colors but have not quilted with it before. It seems hard to find "warmer" or more vintage colored threads to go with the newer reproduction fabrics.
    2nd question - looks like you use the wash out blue marking pen...ever had any issues with it I occasionally hear rumors that sometimes certain pens come back to haunt our quilts???
    Will be grabbing your cute button to add on my own blog. Thanks!!

  3. I use mainly King Tut variegated thread and YLI hand quilting thread. The King Tut isn't named for hand quilting but I love it and find it strong.

    I use a variety of blue marking pens, they go by different names depending on what store you buy them at, most common I think is "mark be gone" I have never had a problem getting the blue out - I think the problem for some people is that they might not use plenty of water to soak - do not just spritz, it has to be really wet to make sure the blue mark has not just sunk to the batting but is out completely - I normally use a extra large wash load for quilts and at times rinse them twice - never put in the dryer or have an iron near them until you are sure the blue is gone.
    thanks for stopping by my personal blog too :)

  4. What a neat holder for your threads & scissors - I've never seen anything like it. The quilt's pretty nice too :).

    1. thanks Marie - I love the notion holder on this quilting frame - it sure comes in handy.


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