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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Whole Cloth Quilting

by Tim Latimer

I usually have at least 4 different quilts going at the same time and I switch back and forth between them.  For the last few days I have been focused on a whole cloth quilt.  I have not done a whole cloth quilt before so I decided to start with a smaller quilt.  This is 45" x 57" so it will be a wall hanging.

Prior to taking up quilting I spent a lot of time drawing so this quilt was a way to combine the two. I got to draw the pattern and I can do some more detailed hand quilting.

I am using an 18" hoop and a #11 needle to do the hand quilting.  I did the basic drawing of the tree of life in wash away pen and as I quilt I am adding more marking and detail.
The denser quilting in the clouds and the sky is making the tree look more raised.  The batting is wool which has a pretty good loft but is very easy to hand quilt and the fabric is a basic muslin (also easy to quilt)

I think that I will do a full sized whole cloth quilt soon...
Happy Quilting


  1. Liking this alot. How talented you are to be able to draw your design and quilt it. Can't wait to see it completed. For anyone who hasn't used wool batting it is the best!

  2. It looks fantastic! Is your batting Hobbs Heirloom?

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    2. I am using hobbs...but this is the Tuscany collection...I have used the heirloom as well and they are about the same except that the tuscanny is folded and the heirloom is rolled in the the tuscany is a lot easier to flatten out for quilting

  3. I did a king-sized whole cloth bridal quilt 17 years ago. At the end I swore I would never do it again, but after seeing your beautiful work, I am tempted to start . . . but on a much smaller scale! Thank you so much and take care, Byrd

    1. I would love to see pictures of the bridal quilt!!

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    1. I think I got it done...let me know if I need to do anything different

  5. Wow Tim, this really is amazing. Kudoos to you to step out of the traditional handquilting patterns and go your own way! Love it!

  6. Thanks!
    I am normally very traditional in my quilting but I am enjoying the freedom in this quilt


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