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Monday, September 10, 2012

Little Here, Little There

By: Karen

One day my Joseph’s Coat quilt will be finished.  I tend to work on it in spurts – a little here, a little there.  Sometimes it seems to drag on forever but it really hasn’t been that long since I first put it on my quilting frame.  This quilt is 104 x 104 inches – it has been on the quilting frame since June 2 so it really isn’t that long for me – 3 months so far – very fast for me.  Sometimes a quilt this size takes me 10 months to a year before I finish because I always work on 3 or 4 quilts at one time it seems.  How about you – more than one quilt at a time?  How long – if you keep track— how long does it take you to quilt a quilt this size?


When I get done with this row and crank it down some more I do believe the end will be in sight – only a half of a row left up there on the back roller.



  1. This is so wonderful.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  2. I just love all the colors in this quilt. You did an awesome job with the graduation of color. It took me four months to do a king size quilt last winter, I worked on it every evening and even more on the weekends. I was wondering how you are planning to bind this one? It's going to be spectacular and I hope you will show the completed quilt when the time comes!

    1. right now I am thinking black binding and I will do one curve at a time :)

  3. Love all the colors in this quilt. I considered myself a slow hand quilter and something as big as your Joseph's Coat would take me a whole year. Right now I'm quilting my nephew's wedding quilt (75 X 95)and I should be done by the December holidays. I started quilting this at the same time you started on your Joseph's coat.

  4. I know we all quilt at different speeds and I was kind of wondering how others do time wise, thanks for sharing. I am trying to get quilts done faster this year in order to make some progress because I have so many waiting in line. Normally a quilt as big as Joseph's Coat would have taken me most of a year to do. I have been trying to concentrate harder and get done with things.

  5. I love that block and intend making it one day. Congrats on the hand quilting. I still love it the best.:-)
    BTW the word ID is so hard. this is my 4th attempt.

  6. I only hand quilt on one quilt at a time, but I am actively working on at least 6 quilts at a time in one manner or another. I am a fast hand quilter, but it takes me 3-12 months as I tend to over-quilt (rarely is there a space 1" or larger w/o quilting)

  7. It is so gorgeous... I just love everything about it!


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