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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's a big job

I've been trying to get as much hand quilting done as I can but with spring arriving here with some very warm weather, I think summer is going to be too hot for it.
This one is a huge job, not because of the size of the quilt but because the background quilting is quarter inch apart.
I'm happy enough with the stitches on the front but the back is a whole other story.
Every quilt I do teaches me a lesson and this one has taught me something about backings. I hate this backing with a vengeance.
I had trouble finding an extra wide cotton in an off white that had a suitable thread count. I did know that a high thread count would not look as good on the back but I went ahead anyway and attached this one. It's a Moda 200 thread count and let me tell you, it's like hand quilting with a sheet on the back. The stitches look very humble. The stitches on the back look mostly like tiny pin dots, not pretty at all.
Regardless of that hitch, I can live with it, I don't make quilts for competition, I make them for myself.
In case you haven't seen it before, here it is prior to basting with the trapunto completed.
Link to the original antique quilt this is based on is here.


  1. it is beautiful - I have been keeping track of your progress - your stitching is fantastic!!

  2. It is gorgeous. I just finished a hand quilted quilt yesterday. I will add the binding today. My problem is that the back stitches are also not great. But I love it the same. My fingers are happy it is all done too. Your quilt is perfect. Enjoy it.

  3. That's beautiful. So much work! Love it!

  4. Janet your quilt is jaw dropping gorgeous!! The quilting is amazing!! The picture of the back that you've posted looks just fine to me - all that marvelous texture and pattern - what an incredible project! :0)

  5. How stunning! Your quilting is spectacular! What a beautiful beautiful quilt!

  6. Gets more lovely every time I see this quilt!! The back looks good on the monitor--maybe you are just looking too close at the back!! We tend to be more critical of our own work--than others. I think it is wonderful. The front--OMG--that is a lot of quilting!! This is going to be outstanding!! Thanks for letting us view it while it is being handquilted.

  7. It is so amazing to see your progress! And thank you for taking the time to show pics of your process too. I love this very beautiful quilt of yours!

  8. Oh my goodness, that is gorgeous! I love how heavily you are quilting it!!! I know it seems to take forever, but in the end when it is all finished, you will be SO happy!!! Love it! What is the yellow marker that you've used? I'd love to try that.

  9. Thanks for the lovely comments, it encourages me to keep going.
    Caron, I'm using English Berol hand writing pens. I have a pack of colored ones and they wash out well.

  10. Janet, your quilt is stunning. It is so worth the effort. It is such an inspiration. Love it.


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