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Saturday, September 8, 2012

29 years later

Learning the hard way....1983 to 2012

This is a baby quilt that was made for my niece 29 yrs. ago.  Hand appliqued and hand quilted.  Back then, I didn't know any better and used poly/cotton fabric for the background blocks, borders, backing and in some of the applique.  It was very hard to hand quilt as you can imagine. 
Twenty-nine years later, this is the baby quilt that I made for her 3 month old daughter.  Hand appliqued and hand quilted.  Much better to hand quilt, for sure!

My nieces with their baby quilts.  Awesome!
Have a great day!
by Rose Marie Castonguay


  1. beautiful!...the quilts are great and the story is even better! wonderful to make quilts for 2 generations..a real blessing

  2. Both your nieces look lovely--and I love the old and new quilts side-by-side. What a great pix for your memory book...Enjoy the weekend Julierose

  3. Love the quilts. And two happy girls go with them.

  4. Love both quilts,just fabulous.Your nieces are adorable!!


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