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Thursday, August 16, 2012

X Marks the Spot

By: Karen Goad

I found the perfect little stencil from the Stencil Company who was kind enough to give us two give away’s on this blog and another one on my blog a couple months ago.  If you haven’t checked them out you should – enough stencils to choose from that you can find one for just about any quilting design you want.

I recently finished a small (for me) easy quilt that I have named “X Marks the Spot.”   For the quilting I wanted to keep it easy and simple to go well with the quilt.  Looking through my stencils I found a stencil of leaves that look like vine leaves – it is working out really well on this quilt.


Some quilts call for a lot of quilting - others do not.  This is one of those that needed simple quilting.


  1. This is a perfect design for this block... beautiful quilting!

  2. Thanks for sharing Karen. I still don't feel comfortable choosing a quilting pattern, maybe I just need to purchase some things I like and then just try them out!

    1. Carla, you are not alone in your fears! It's something that just comes with time, and looking at A LOT of quilting designs. When I was studying for the Appraisers Certification with AQS one of the instructors said "The only way to learn that is - ya gotta flap a lot of quilts!" Works for deciding how you want to quilt your pieces, as well as learning about antique quilts! I have a HUGE collection of quilting patterns, both printed and stencils...and something nothing speaks to me. That's when you just have to take a deep breath and thread that needle and dig in!! But it will come! Never fear!!!

  3. Your amazing Karen you just put this together! Love the design. I will have to check out the site, I need more quilting stencils!


  4. thanks everyone - I tend to keep busy or I bite my nails :) I used to have a really bad problem chewing my fingernails and I find the busier I am the better I am at giving up that horrible habit! also keep in mind I have no children in the house and my husband works long hours at times - I am by myself a lot.

  5. Karen, you picked the perfect design! Sometimes "quilted to death" is not necessary! Beautiful stitches!

  6. I am inspired by Karen's beautiful stitches too.

    Since following "Celebrate Handquilting" my quilting has got neater and neater because I want to become as good as the master quilters who share their wonderful work (and tips & information)with us.

  7. Beautiful! I often find I like the simpler quilting designs better. I was one of the winners of The Stencil Company gift certificates, and they do have a tremendous selection it was so hard to choose!

  8. thank you so much for pointing me towards this stencil website! I'm a new quilter and hungry for all kinds of quilt info and products!


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