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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Honeycomb and Octagons

While at our summer cottage, I've been working on a EPP (English Paper Piecing) project that will be hand quilted once it is put together. 

We've been doing some renovations that involved taking down a ceiling in a back room where some bees were building a nest.  Down came this piece of honeycomb and I thought it was appropriate to place it on top of my basted octagon. 

The bees made their honeycomb nest one cell at a time, and so do I with one octagon at-a-time and one stitch at-a-time for hand quilting.

Being persistent like the bees, I'm starting to see results with my hand quilting projects.  I just finished hand quilting a baby quilt and I will be able to show it once binding and a label are applied. 

by:  Rose Marie Castonguay
Applique 'n Patch Quilting


  1. So true. Persistence brings about good results!

  2. love the honeycomb on the quilt piece.

  3. What a great setting for that block! like the hard working bees hand quilters really do know how to make beautiful things with the labour that is put into it.
    Renovating and painting are no fun when it gets in the way of quilting..


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