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Thursday, August 9, 2012

finishing to start another

This little one is 19x19in pattern is by Kathleen Tracy`s yahoo group, the hand quilting is 1/2in apart. It will be going to a wonderful friend but in a little while I want to enjoy it first and plus I have to make a siggy block for it. The fabric is from a 5in charm pack that i got from a Secret Santa swap on line. i made 3 mini`s out of it, I have a basket of ready to quilt mini`s sandwich and basted when I finish one I can start another.
This one had many seams to quilt through due to silly me picking the crosshatch pattern. A friend that posts on here Rose Marie introduced me to the Crayola wash markers and they do work as a charm for your quilts marking the marks do come out!

I also wanted to show you the new quilt that is commissioned for my mothers group for next year. I have 2 more borders to put on but got excited how it turned out. This is from Eleanor Burns book Radiant Star Quilts, this is going to be a wonderful quilt to hand quilt with all that space. I may have to make one for miò

well off to piece 16 Civil War blocks for a swap
Deb Anger


  1. I love your little quilt and you quilting is beautiful!

  2. The crosshatch design does look beautiful with the quilt. Congrats on a finish!

  3. Very nice! Love that small crosshatch... I made the star quilt as my second quilt way back when. I don't even know where that quilt is now that I think about it!!! I will really have to go on a hunt for it!

    1. LOL well dig it out I am looking at all the lovely hand quilting you can do on it.LOL
      Thanks to everyone for your kind comments.


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