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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Change of plans

The quilt above is a another mini I am working on. I had 2 of the panels quilted in bigstitch (my new fav) but I didn`t like it at all and so I ripped the stitches out and went with good ol`hand quilting, but I am using a black quilting thread. As you can see these are still scraps from my pie in the sky (pattern by Kim Diehl quilt. You can see Rose Marie`s version and my version
I am so glad I tried it on here first cause I was going to do this to my quilt! now I have decided that it will be done as regular hand quilting with my little betweens needle and my trusty YLI Quilting thread. (this is almost good advise to make a small quilt to see if you will like the quilting on your big quilt ;-))

 I made these blocks up from the scraps of my pie in the sky quilt. I quilted the Baptist fan one of my favorite ol`time quilting patterns and since it was so hard to see the quilting on the front I am posting the back you so can see the fans better. I have the binding done since this picture was taken shows that the pins still in for the finishing.

  I want to thank Karen Goad she
keeps me in stitches due to her productivity she is always quilting, I admire her stitches on the screen. I  want to touch them, the only way to do that is to make my own and touch them. It really feels good to be quilting by hand more and more. I see how quickly she is able to get her big quilts quilted and it really does show initiative that I can get them done quickly and beautifully like that too!

Posted by Deb Anger


  1. Deb thank you so much for your compliments to me - I love the small quilt you are working on - the colors are great!

  2. Beautiful quilt!

    Karen is an inspiration :)

  3. I am always thinking the same about you Between, I must really be slow. Have you ever followed Tim Latimer he is human hand quilting machine.

    1. Yes you are right Carla, I am also amazed at the quilting and the amount that he can get done too...

  4. Great little quilt! So is the Kim Diehl book!

    I'm new to your delightful blog, followed you from another.

    I will visit you again, soon!

    :) Carolyn

    1. Welcome Carolyn glad you found this wonderful blog of multi hand hand quilters this will surely inspire you


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