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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big stitch finish

I finished up another quilt last night.  This was a vintage quilt top from the 70's that I fixed and hand quilted.

The quilting is at about 5 stitches per inch using black crochet thread and a very large eyed embroidery needle.  It was very difficult to get comfortable making such large stitches!

I used a cotton batting and a peach backing. Here is a look at the back.

It's finished size is 71" X 84"

I don't know if I will ever used crochet thread for hand quilting again, I found that it frays and breaks.  I did not have that trouble hand quilting with perle cotton.  Perle cotton is a lot more money but I think it is worth it.

Happy Quilting


  1. It's awesome Tim! Love how it looks from the back too! Great finish!

    1. Thanks! this one was far from what I am normaly comfortable with..but different is fun for a change

  2. This makes me remember my first hand quilted quilt. I probably was lucky to get five stitches per inch, but now that my stitches are smaller I agree it is hard to do big stitching. I am amazed how you remake your ebay finds and turn them into wonderful quilts

    1. I hope that I can still make "normal sized" stitches...I have lots more eBay finds to fix

  3. Wow Tim that looks fantastic! I hear you on the big stitch I have been trying to get that stitch but so used to the small stitch, I have had trouble keeping it big..LOL
    Your quilt looks fabulous though I think you did great and again perfect idea for this quilt. you are amazing

    1. thanks! it is so much fun for me to save those old tops


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