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Thursday, August 9, 2012

A New Top

By: Karen Goad

I just finished another quilt top.  One that I made  by machine piecing instead of hand piecing as everything I am currently working on is by hand.  I needed a change of pace.  I finished it in 5 days – the quilt is 69 x 69 inches.

Now the decision -- to machine piece straight lines or hand quilt – yes I decided to hand quilt once again.  Why – because although I have machine pieced straight lines on several small quilts  I am never satisfied with the way it looks.  I admit it – I am a hand quilting snob Smile  I can’t help it, I really and truly just do not like the way machine quilting looks.  If I machine quilted straight lines on this quilt top I know I would end up giving it away shortly after I finished it because I would not like it.

Are you a hand quilting snob also?

Do you ever feel that you will get caught up on all of the quilt tops that you have finished and are stacked away waiting for you to quilt?

This top will be outlined quilted with an X in the middle of each of the rectangle parts of the X in the pattern.  I will use my hoop seeing as my big frame is still occupied with the very large Joseph’s Coat quilt.



  1. Yes Karen. I am so a hand quilting snob. My friend and I go to shows and talk about how some people ruined their beautiful tops with ugly machine quilting. That is not to say some machine quilting is not beautiful, but to me it is too stiff. I love the dimples created by hand quilting. Problem is, I have too many tops to hand quilt, as I also love to piece.

  2. I second hand that emotion! I keep trying machine but always go back to the trusted hand quilting that I love so much.
    I have been following your blog progress is sure didn`t take long to get this one together. It was nice that you added Tim`s helpful hints on keeping th rows together. I can`t believe yo even got your stippy boarders done! loons great though and you didn`t say how you were going to hand quilt!

  3. So am I. For the very same reasons as you... love the texture of a hand quilted item!

  4. I really admire those of you who hand quilt. I have been longarm machine quilting for 13 years and really admire the skills of both when done well to suit the quilt. Each serves its purpose and it's great that we as quilters have options.

    I have done just a little hand quilting over the years and I definitely love how it looks and feels but I will usually turn to machine quilting to get my stuff finished. Oops, I think I am on the wrong blog..... :)


  5. I agree that machine quilting has its place and I am oh so jealous of how quickly a quilt top can be completely finished! HOWever, I am in love with the look of hand quilting for most of my quilts. So yeah, for my own stuff, I guess I'm a hand quilting snob.:)


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