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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Quilt That Gets the Most Use

By Audrey Easter

When my kids are in school, I start the mornings out by crawling into the recliner and pulling this quilt up over the top of me.  Back to sleep for another 15-20 minutes while they shower etc.  It's also the quilt I call my 'traveling quilt' because I take it with me on any trip that lasts for more than a day.  My husband is very warm blooded and I'm not.  A quilt makes all the difference for a comfortable trip, plus I love sleeping under my own quilts while traveling.  This quilt has marking issues that I never could get rid of, so it makes it easy to over-use it.  I've already wore one quilt out from this kind of use so I'm curious how long this one will hold up!


  1. love the pattern!...great looking quilt!!

  2. I LOVE your go-to quilt! I'm the did a great job, both with your fabric choices AND your quilting! :O)

    Lorraine Hofmann
    <>< <>< <>< <><


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