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Monday, July 16, 2012

My "Go-To" Quilt

By Candace, Southern Girl Quilts

My "go-to" quilt:
It is hand-quilted but not by me. This queen-size double wedding ring quilt was my wedding gift from my momma. From the moment I received it, it has either lived on my bed or the guest bed --which is it's current resting place.

This is the second of the three double wedding ring quilts she made in about five years. The first was one for her and my daddy as it was something she always wanted and the third is the one she made my sister as her wedding gift.

There is a fourth being slowly pieced. It will one day be my six-year-old niece's wedding gift. My momma wants to make sure that her granddaughter has something from her on her wedding day -even if she's not here or unable to quilt anymore. The very reason, my momma didn't get one on her wedding day. Her mother could no longer quilt due to MS and her grandmothers had passed on. It means so much to her, that she made me swear if she couldn't finish the quilt, then I would.


  1. nice story. I often thought that very same thing. what if I can't finsh them? who will carry on that task for me?

  2. Love your story. Hope your mom gets to finish this one too.

  3. Some quilts are very special aren't they? I have one hanging on the wall at the bottom of my stairs made by a dear friend - now sadly departed. Every time I pass, I stroke it and say hello to her.

  4. Love how quilts takes part in family history. I am planing to make quilts for my kids to bring when they start their own families.


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