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Monday, July 16, 2012

Go To Quilt

By: Karen

I guess I don’t really have one that is used all the time, one that is packed with me when I travel or used on the couch all the time ect.  Over the years I have had many favorites and I change them out routinely.   But one I will never part with for some reason is my Charm Quilt that I made back in 1999.  I made this with a world wide exchange  of 5 inch squares – it is certainly not the best made but I like it.  Right now it is on the wall but one day I will change it out for something else on the wall and then this one will go back on the couch.

Here it is pulled out from behind the couch – the wall isn’t tall enough so part of it is normally tucked behind the couch.


There are design changes that I would make now in color placement but back then this was good for for me.  It is hand quilted.  I have gotten a bit of use from it over the years, it has been taken on picnics and in the camper and will be again when I put something else up on the wall – I don’t care how much use a quilt gets – in my house it gets hand quilted.


  1. Im with you...hand quilting makes it

  2. Amen. The only quilts I don't hand quilt anymore are (some) baby quilts.:)


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